10 Foods High in Silicon That Help Strengthen the Bones and Slow Down Aging

Silicon is a type of mineral that your body needs because it functions just like Vitamin D and calcium. It helps enhance the bone strength and lowers your chances of developing osteoporosis.  There are plant foods high in silicon content as compared to animal food sources. Vegetarians have higher intake of silicon than those people who are meat eaters. Silicon is essential in the production of collagen, the skin protein and in preventing brittle nails. It also slows down the aging process by maintaining the glow of your skin. It also prevents alopecia, the thinning of the hair. It improves the health of your hair by maintaining its thickness, luster and shine.

1. Banana (Yellow, Peeled)

A piece of yellow, peeled banana that weighs 250 grams contains 13.60 mg of silicon. Eating a banana regularly can help improve hair thickness along with other health benefits. Bananas are easy to consume by eating them peeled and raw or by mixing them with some culinary dishes or blending them into a smoothie. There are different varieties of banana, which make them one of the fruits that are available anywhere and at any time of the year. Some people blend bananas with other ingredients into a traditional homemade remedy to cure acne and improve skin conditions like psoriasis and skin warts.