Foods High in Lectins

Butternut Squash

By all intents and purposes, butternut squash is generally good for you. It comes loaded with nutrients and antioxidants which serve to help the human body in a variety of ways. However, the butternut squash is part of a family of fruits that are high in both lectins and sugars. This combination makes it a poor decision for those who want to do their best to avoid lectins in foods. That said, it’s still recommended to make butternut squash a part of your diet if you are generally unaffected by lectins.

Eating butternut squash has been associated with improved heart health, which means you could potentially avoid chronic heart conditions by adding this fruit to your balanced diet. Being rich in antioxidants, butternut squash is also particularly good at keeping one’s mental health in check. Antioxidant rich foods can help the body’s cells from deteriorating, which is why fruits such as butternut squash have anti-aging properties.

Butternut squash can be a healthy part of one’s diet, though it might not be a good idea for those who suffer from diabetes, or those who have issues with lectins.