15 Foods High in Lectins You Might Want To Limit


Despite the name, peanuts are not a part of the nut family. Instead, they are classified as part of the legume family alongside peas and lentils. As part of the legume family, peanuts come loaded with lectins, which can be a problem for those who suffer side effects from eating such foods. On the other hand, peanuts also make for a surprisingly good addition to a healthy diet — at least for those who are willing to add lectins to their daily intake.

Peanuts in general have been given the distinction of being a heart-healthy food, though it is high in fats. The ability of peanuts to prevent heart disease and improve circulation in the body cannot be understated. While the peanut’s more expensive and luxurious siblings such as walnuts and almonds might get more credit, peanuts can be a decent addition to a healthy diet.

Peanuts have also been associated with weight loss diets, helping you feel full for longer. It contains plenty of protein while having relatively few calories when compared to other high-protein foods. Overall, those who want to avoid lectins would do well to avoid peanuts, but otherwise it’s a great addition to one’s diet.