Foods High in Lectins

One of the interesting things about growing your body is how you can make the most out of things by changing up your diet. You can make surprisingly significant changes based on what you eat, and it can potentially change the way your body works. Naturally, you can expect great results if you make it a habit to try unhealthy foods, but it also works both ways.

This list is going to be tackling something different, where you could potentially have problems even if you start going for seemingly healthy foods. Too much of anything can be bad for you, and in this case we have lectins. Lectins are proteins mainly found through foods such as legumes and grains. There are many different kinds of lectin, with some types potentially causing problems with digestion and even inflammation.

If you’re interested, the list below showcases foods that are high in lectin, which means it might be a good idea to limit them from your diet. Quite a few of these foods are on the healthier side of things, which means there’s no need to be entirely lectin-free — all you have to do is limit your intake.