Top 10 Foods High In Fructose – Nature’s Natural Sweetener

2. Apples

Apples are fruits that are high in natural sugar and can be easily digested. These fruits contain high level of fructose, which covers 57% of its total sugar content. For every 100 grams of apples, 6 grams of fructose is present. Apples are allowed as snacks for diabetic patients because they have less impact on blood glucose levels as long as eaten in moderation.

3. Pears


The sweetness of pears can be attributed to their high fructose content. A medium sized pear contains 11.8 grams of fructose, which can trigger the symptoms of fructose malabsorption. It is a condition wherein people experience irritable bowel syndrome when they ingest foods with high fructose content. Diabetes patients can also have a pear for a snack as long as it is taken in moderation.