10 Foods High In Fiber That Help Purify Your System

Fiber is important if you want to reduce your risks of getting hypertension, stroke and heart disease. It comes in two variants, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber becomes gel inside the stomach and slows down digestion, which aids in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol. Insoluble fiber remains unchanged until it is eliminated from the body making bowels heavier and softer so you defecate more easily. Both types of fiber are not absorbed by the body. Though it is never actually digested, fiber plays an important part in the efficiency of the digestive system. There are a number of foods high in fiber that you must eat so that you can avoid constipation, control blood sugar levels and keep your heart health in check.

1. Split Peas

Split peas have a regular presence in Indian cooking. Their protein-rich content form a terrific base for stews, soups and dhals. For every cup of split peas you get the benefit of 16.3 g of fiber when they are cooked. Split peas are the main ingredient in the recipe for Yellow Split Pea and Spinach Soup.