Foods High in Collagen

When it comes to healthy eating, your choices will dictate how your body reacts and benefits. For example, bodybuilders will make use of protein-rich diets to ensure they make the most out of their workouts — going so far as to take supplements if they aren’t getting enough from food. One of the biggest benefits to healthy eating is the capacity to choose how you want to tweak your health transformation.

In this list, we’ll be tackling the foods you’ll want to add to your diet if you’re looking for a surplus of collagen. It’s common knowledge that your diet plays a role in the fullness of skin and hair. As the most abundant protein in our bodies, collagen is what helps keep our bodies together, acting as a metaphorical (and literal) glue to most of our body’s systems.

The more foods we take rich in collagen, the easier it is for the skin to repair itself and look youthful. It comes as no surprise that people focus on collagen, as it helps our skin, hair, bones, and even the digestive system. Continue reading to find out the most popular foods rich in collagen.