10 Foods High in Cobalt for Healthy Blood and Nerves

2. Shellfish and Crustaceans

Next on this list is shellfish like clams and mussels, and crustaceans like prawn and lobster. Due to the ocean being an environment that naturally contains a high amount of minerals, including cobalt, its inhabitants also absorb these minerals into their bodies to deliver them to us humans. On average, crustaceans and shellfish have up to 0.046 µg of cobalt. In addition, they also have lots of vitamins, as well as iodine to prevent thyroid problems. Why not include prawns on your next barbecue?

3. Organ Meats

In humans, most of cobalt is found in organs, like the liver, pancreas, and blood. In other animals it’s more or less the same – it’s because the cobalt is processed and used in these organs. Because of this, organ meats tend to naturally have more cobalt than other parts. Offal contains up to 0.033 µg of cobalt. Not a lot of people find offal very appetizing, but they’re actually very tasty! As a starting point, try pork liver. It’s delicious!