10 Foods High in Cobalt for Healthy Blood and Nerves

Cobalt, one of the “trace” minerals, is essential in the production of vitamin B12, which in turn helps in the production of red blood cells. It’s called a trace mineral because it is very rare in foods, and you also only need a small amount of it (about 2µg per day at most). Even so, because of its rarity, people may find it difficult to get their recommended allowance of cobalt, so it’s good to know which foods are rich in cobalt. Here are the top 10 foods high in cobalt:

1. Chocolate

Yes, chocolate! Everyone’s favorite sweet treat is the first on this list. As if we needed any reason at all to eat chocolate, it can help with weight loss, has a lot of nutrients, and is actually one of the best sources of dietary cobalt – at up to 0.050 µg. This means that whenever you’re stress-eating your chocolate, you can actually hit your required daily intake of cobalt easily. At this point, does anyone really still need convincing about the benefits of chocolate?