10 Foods High in Chlorine, the Vital Chemical That You Should Eat Now

Chlorine is more popularly known as the chemical used to disinfect pools, but in reality it offers plenty of health benefits to humans, and is actually required to stay healthy. It helps in maintaining the correct pH balance in the body, as well as promotes protein digestion. It is also important in keeping bones, teeth, and tendons healthy, and keeps the liver functioning properly. It also plays a role in keeping blood sugar and cholesterol within healthy levels. It is, without a doubt, quite the vital chemical.

Now that you know how important chlorine is to you, here are 10 foods high in chlorine to help you get your required daily dosage:

1. Hot Cocoa

Who doesn’t love hot cocoa especially during the cold months? This delicious sweet drink made from cacao beans is enjoyed by millions of chocolate lovers all over the world, whether hot with a few marshmallows, or cold with lots of ice. Cocoa has a decent 460 milligrams of chlorine per 100 grams. To put this in perspective, the second highest among beverages, chocolate drinks, only has 130 mg.