10 Foods High in Calcium But Take Note – Not All are Dairy Foods!

2. Canned Salmon

This is a good way of getting calcium without hurting your pocket since it is affordable. The bones in salmon are major sources of calcium. They are mashed up with the meat so they are almost invisible. The process allows these bones to be broken apart and easily be mixed with the other content of the can. Aside from calcium, it is also rich in omega 3. It is too rich that 3 ounces will already give you up to 200mg of calcium.

3. Bok Choy

This is also referred to as Chinese cabbage. It has tons of health benefits that you will most likely enjoy. This includes Vitamins A, C and calcium. It is also very versatile. You can mix it up with several dishes. Usually, in Chinese cuisines, you will just see this vegetable stir friend in garlic and olive oil. It is then served as a side dish. It is watery and crunchy. It is not bitter unlike other green vegetables, so kids will most likely have fun eating them. Every cup contains 74 mg (7% DV).