10 Foods High in Arsenic That You Should Be Careful With

Arsenic is a naturally-occurring element in rocks and soil. It has a variety of industrial uses, including pesticides, wood preservatives, and metal works. It’s especially effective in pesticides because it’s a highly poisonous substance, which is why it’s important to avoid human ingestion of arsenic beyond 10 parts per billion (ppb), as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. Below are 10 foods that are high in arsenic:

1. Dark Meat Fish

Seawater is a natural, rich source of organic arsenic. Naturally, fish and other sea life soak up this arsenic; however, organic arsenic is perceived to be generally harmless. Nevertheless, traces of inorganic arsenic has been found in dark-meat fish, and in tests performed on fish eaters, the presence of arsenic in the body was 7.4% higher in those who ate dark-meat fish at least once a week than in those who ate once a month or less.