14 Health Benefits Of Fish Oil (Backed By Science)

Supports Vision Health

Like the human brain, your eyes depend on omega-3 to function optimally. Evidence indicates that people lacking these nutrients are at a much greater risk of developing eye conditions and diseases than those who regularly get omega-3. Studies that have looked into fish oil supplementation’s benefits have also found symptoms associated with eye disorders like dry eyes to be less frequent for those with ample levels of omega-3. It shows that this fatty acid can improve the oil film of the eyes, also called the meibomian glands.

Moreover, when eye health starts declining due to old age, it can lead to AMD or age-related macular degeneration. The consumption of fish has been linked to reducing risk in the development of AMD. While results from the supplements were not as convincing, they still showed some measure of success. An older study found high doses of fish oil significantly improve vision for people with this condition. However, this study was relatively small when compared to others.

Two more studies conducted in 2013 examined the combined effects of omega-3 alongside many other nutrients. One of the studies showed incredibly positive results. However, the other didn’t, making the results unclear and inconclusive.