14 Health Benefits Of Fish Oil (Backed By Science)

Aids in Treating Some Mental Disorders

The brain is composed of nearly 60 percent fat, primarily omega-3 oils. DHA and EPA play critical roles in normal brain development and function throughout every stage of life. Research suggests that it may help in developing an infant’s or baby’s brain, with several studies linking pregnant women’s fish consumption or fish oil intake with more excellent scores for children on brain functioning and intelligence tests in their early childhood.

Studies also show that people with specific mental conditions tend to have insufficient levels of omega-3 in their systems. Interestingly, additional research has found omega-3 to prevent symptoms or the onset of some mental disorders. For example, in one study, teens with high risks of developing psychosis had taken fish oil for a year. It found the substance could potentially delay or prevent psychotic disorders’ emergence. The group that took fish oil showed much better results than those who took the placebo.

Additionally, fish oil supplementation has had promising results in reducing symptoms for bipolar and schizophrenic conditions, although data supporting these benefits are insufficient. However, it does show the potential of omega-3 in preventing or managing some mental disorders.