14 Common Causes of Fatty Liver You Shouldn’t Ignore

Mediterranean Diet

Studies suggest that adopting a Mediterranean diet might reduce fatty liver risk factors. The dietary regime is essentially based on more traditional food people generally eat in countries that border the Mediterranean, such as France, Greece, Italy, and Spain. Researchers have noted that the people in these locations tend to be exceptionally healthier and have much lower risk factors for many chronic conditions. They believe it’s because of their chosen sustenance. 

Although the diet has no strict regulations or rules, it encourages the consumption of heart-healthy fats, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. It also restricts refined grains, added sugar, and processed foods as much as possible but includes a moderate amount of alcoholic beverages like red wine. Much research shows this dietary regimen’s ability to promote weight loss and prevent cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes. 

Beyond supporting heart health, healthy blood glucose levels, and preventing fat accumulation in the liver, it also protects the brain and cognitive functions. For example, a study that included over 500 people who followed the diet significantly improved memory while reducing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease risks. For this reason, it’s worth trying the diet.