What Could Cause Fatigue? 15 Possible Triggers (List)

In its most basic form, fatigue can be described as weariness and exhaustion. Most of the time, people experience fatigue due to physical and mental activity, which leads them to avoid engaging in activities related to their personal goals, daily responsibilities, and jobs. People become less productive as a result of fatigue for different reasons. First and foremost, they are more easily disturbed by their mind or by other people. Second, they lack focus and are unable to concentrate on the things they do or think completely. Third, they require more time to solve problems as a result of the distractions from their body and mind. And finally, they are forgetful.

Both physical and mental exhaustion are distinct, but it is common for both to occur simultaneously. An excessive amount of mental fatigue can result from anxiety or depression, while excessive physical fatigue is a consequence of engaging in strenuous physical activity. But frequent physical overtiredness can cause mental fatigue.

When someone is fatigued for an extended period, it is typically the result of a health problem that will eventually lead to a serious illness to the person’s health. Below are conditions causing physical and mental fatigue.


A person’s mind can respond instantly in the face of stress, pressure, challenges, and other possible risks that lie ahead. Some people experience anxiety daily. They tend to worry whenever confronted with multiple problems in their job, family, school, carrying out tasks, or even deciding. In most cases, this is associated with a sensation of dread brought on by the pressures of life.

Because of the poor quality of their thought process, people who suffer from anxiety always feel restless in their bodies. They are unable to concentrate because the mental and emotional strain they are under prevents them from being able to focus on a particular thing or situation. As a result, they frequently think they cannot concentrate when giving or receiving instruction, which can result in distractions at home and the workplace. Additionally, they have a more challenging time comprehending what is being said, which leads to a failure on their part to understand what is being instructed.