What Could Cause Fatigue? 15 Possible Triggers (List)

Lack of Sleep

Enough sleep is necessary for preventing physical fatigue and contributing to good health. On the other hand, consistently not getting enough sleep puts one at risk for several diseases and disorders. In addition, lack of sleep may negatively affect a person’s behavior and mood. It also has a greater likelihood of elevating stress levels owing to the brain’s capacity to manage emotions, indicating that mood distractions will occur. 

Most people have taken for granted the significance of getting enough sleep. However, they were unaware that inadequate sleep slows response times and lowers alertness to the surroundings, the situation, and the demands placed upon them. In addition to this, the level of work efficiency has decreased.

Inadequate sleep, consistently being less than the prescribed hours per night, can lead to a higher risk of contracting cardiovascular disease and stroke. In addition, not getting enough sleep every night hinders the body from controlling the stress hormones that repair damaged tissue and keep one from having a heart attack.