The 15 Causes of Dry Scalp (You Should Definitely Be Aware Of)

When it comes to most cases of dry scalp, it’s not considered a medical emergency. Mostly, it’s a condition where the scalp is dry and irritated, which can cause dandruff and scaly patches. It’s hardly anything life-threatening, but there are situations where it could be problematic based on the symptoms. Such is the reason why it’s a good idea to learn all about dry scalp causes to help you take affirmative action. 

One thing to remember with issues such as a dry scalp is that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. While people might tie their self-worth (or part of it) to their appearance, dry scalp can happen to anyone. While a dry scalp might be frustrating, the recovery process will be relatively painless if you understand the causes. It will also help ensure you avoid issues such as dry scalp.

Skin conditions such as a dry scalp don’t have to be a constant source of frustration. Here are some of the most common causes of dry scalp, as well as a few tips concerning what you can do to avoid them.

Stress and Anxiety

Surprisingly, stress and anxiety are the most common causes of dry scalp. You’ve likely already experienced an itchy scalp during a bout of stress and frustration, as stress can often trigger your adrenal glands. When your body goes into survivor mode, the adrenal glands can serve to elevate blood pressure and give you a heightened sense of awareness. Specific stress responses might be adequate during life-threatening situations, but for most people, stress and anxiety are usually overreactions to mundane events. Those who constantly suffer from stress and panic attacks are at a greater risk for various health issues, including a dry scalp and skin conditions.

Your mental health can cause physical changes, which is why those who are easily stressed often suffer from bouts of illnesses and skin conditions. In addition, certain skin conditions can flare up during stress, which is why managing your stress levels is crucial. Acknowledging stressors can go a long way to helping you overcome your fears. Meditation and mindfulness can also help you remain grounded and lower the odds of a panic attack. Making an effort to control stress and anxiety will also allow you to avoid skin conditions such as a dry scalp.