10 Symptoms And Early Warning Signs Of Diabetic Neuropathy (Don’t Ignore)

Sudden Shooting Pain

Patients with diabetic neuropathy often realize something is wrong with their bodies because of sudden sharp pains. Experts described the pain as a sensation closely similar to an electrical shock. However, neuropathic pain isn’t prompted or triggered by an injury, shock, or incident. Instead, the body’s muscles randomly, without any reason, send pain signals to the brain. These episodes tend to get worse over time if left untreated.

According to the Cleaveland Clinic, more than 10% of Americans experience neuropathic pain, and 30% of these cases are related to diabetes. Diabetic patients often experience random shooting pains even before their diagnosis. In addition, a recent study shows that younger patients have higher pain tolerance compared to older patients. In extreme cases, patients with diabetic neuropathy pass out because of the pain and cramping.

Sudden shocks can result in minor accidents, such as dropping items or spilling drinks. However, for some patients, the shooting pain may result in embarrassing incidents like peeing in their pants, slipping or tripping, and shouting loudly, even in public places.