14 Impressive Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll (Eat More?)

Proponent for Anti-Aging

Chlorophyll applied topically might be effective for anti-aging. A study shows that applying a gel with chlorophyllin on the skin lessens the indications of photoaging or aging brought on by exposure to the sun. Four samples of healthy women’s skin were utilized in the investigation that lasted 12 days.

According to research, skin treated with chlorophyllin improved compared to that treated with tretinoin. It is a skin cream available only by prescription that has been shown to slow skin aging. According to scientists, combining tretinoin with chlorophyllin may be a successful way to reverse the effects of photoaging on the skin.

The several ways that chlorophyll’s potent antioxidant capabilities help the skin include purifying and cleaning to stop outbreaks from starting. In addition, it contributes to lowering skin inflammation. The National Center for Biotechnology Information found in a study that its anti-inflammatory characteristics aid injured cells in healing.

The vitamins A, C, E, and K are abundant in chlorophyll, and contribute significantly to the skin’s beautiful, youthful appearance. Moreover, it can substantially lessen the visibility of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles frequently brought on by sun exposure.