What’s New? 12 Treatments for Bladder Infection


Infections are concentrations of bacteria, and reducing the bacteria can do a lot for any infection. While people can’t manually clean an infection in their bladder like an open wound, there is a way to flush all the bacteria out. All they need to do is drink a lot of water. Hydrating is an excellent and simple way to flush out the toxins in the bladder. When this happens, the infection can clear out faster, especially when combined with other treatments.

The main problem with this approach is that it will be painful. Urinating with a bladder infection can feel like razor blades in a sensitive place. It can be more painful depending on what a person drank or ate. Darker urine is full of impurities and is more painful when it comes out. Clear urine means high levels of dilution from water, which is less painful. At the start of a bladder infection, urine is darker since the body is expelling bacteria and impurities. With proper treatment and a lot of water, the urine should be more transparent, and urinating should hurt less.