12 Symptoms of Arthritis: Early Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Swelling of the Joints

Swelling happens when the joints get too worked up with carrying too much stress and pressure the body puts into them. When fluids in the soft tissues surrounding it starts to build up, swelling will likely occur in the joints. Because the joints are made up of bone and muscle tissues, as well as cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and synovium (the connective tissue found inside the joints), they can only take as much pressure when in constant exertion. Putting too much strain on the joints than what it can only take up will cause inflammation and tenderness of the area affected.

Some common reasons joints may swell include standing for long hours, a sudden change of balance and center of gravity, wounds or sprains, diseases, and allergies. The pain suffered from these is naturally resolved with medication and ample rest. However, inflammation or swelling caused by arthritis will likely become a chronic condition that is easy to trigger. When ignored, it may get worse faster within a short period.