12 Symptoms of Arthritis: Early Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Stiffening of Joints and Muscle Tissues

Stiffness is the feeling of limited or having difficulty of movement felt in the joints that affect the entire body. When feeling stiff, the tendons and the joints cannot be easily moved, thereby causing the body to a halt. In this case, even a simple stretching is excruciating. A person may try to move their body in full motion but will suffer more pain than just staying put for a couple of minutes before slowly moving the body.

When experiencing stiffness around the joints, the person will likely become reluctant to move their body. This puts more pressure on the joints to avoid feeling the pain after the numbness. This usually happens when a person is standing or sitting straight for quite some time or getting up after long hours of sleeping). 

Although some people can still move amidst the stiffness in the joints, it is still very uncomfortable. While stiffness is common in everyday life, it becomes a symptom if it occurs too often in shorter periods. With arthritis, joints and muscle tissues stiffen longer than the usual sensation felt after a common numbness.