What Could Cause Armpit Fat? 8 Possible Triggers (List)

Most women’s goal is to have a great figure, with a tiny waist, softly rounded hips, firm buttocks, slim thighs, and shapely legs. But for some, the dream remains a dream. First, genetics play a significant role in body shape. The rest depends on lifestyle, age, the food a person eats and drinks, and some environmental factors. 

By nature, women are more concerned about their figures than men. But the dream figure they see in magazines and on TV with almost no visible signs of fat, especially in women, takes hard work, determination, and money. 

Many women lament that they have fat under their arms, making them self-conscious. As a result, many lose their confidence and avoid wearing sleeveless/strapless dresses and tank tops. The excess fat or armpit fat is unsightly, but several factors can contribute to its appearance. For example, it could be due to genetics, inactivity, breast size, and muscle tone.

At most, the fat deposits under the armpits are harmless. However, there are certain conditions wherein armpit fat can be a symptom of a health disorder that needs medical attention. 

This article discusses the causes of armpit fat, so read on to learn more. 


Genetic factors and heredity largely determine the distribution of fat in the body. In one large study, researchers found that dozens of genetic factors can determine where fat is stored in the human body. Moreover, the same study found that the distribution and accumulation of fat are affected more by genetics in women than in men. For example, while armpit fat occurs more in women, it also appears in men. Further, if a person has relatives who have armpit fat, the probability of them getting it, too, is higher.  

People are built differently; some may get armpit fat earlier than others. Some people store fat in their upper body, such as their chest, belly, and hips. Other people may have them around their thighs, legs, buttocks, and arms. If someone stores fat in their upper body, there is a higher possibility for armpit fat to develop.

Some individuals are predisposed to store fat in their underarms, where there are more sweat glands. However, the skin in the area has very little fat tissue that can cover it. So the appearance of some fat becomes obvious. Moreover, people with armpit fat have thicker skin, which sags because of the weight. 

Some people are genetically susceptible to storing fat in the underarms and other areas of the body. This is because the site has a lot of sweat glands. In addition, the skin has little fat tissue to stretch over. Therefore, the excess fat will have a more pronounced appearance. People with armpit fat may also have thicker skin because of a genetic mutation. This could cause the skin to sag and look droopy, especially if they gain weight.