What Are The Triggers Of Anisocoria? 15 Common Causes


This is perhaps one of the most common symptoms of anxiety, as nervousness is often tied to anxiety itself. Most people who get anxious find it hard to relax, and they end up either pacing around the room or tiring themselves out by constantly thinking of worst-case scenarios. In technical terms, nervousness is your body’s stress response, triggering various hormonal and physiological responses to help you respond adequately to any outside threats. Unfortunately, in the case of anxiety, these so-called threats might only be perceived to be troublesome.

The result is nervousness, and if it continues past a certain point, it can cause the body to experience rougher symptoms of anxiety. Weakness is common due to constant stress and pressure. It can feel almost too overwhelming if you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder, and the nervousness can feel like nothing can stop it.

The good news is there is a solution you can use. It’s crucial to take a deep breath, figure out the source of your nervousness, and ask yourself whether it’s helpful to feel worried and stressed about something you have little control over.