Angular Cheilitis: 15 Best Ways To Treat (According to Professionals)

Antifungal Cream

The reason why angular cheilitis is so persistent is due to the bacterial or fungal nature of the condition. The infection can disguise itself as a small irritation during cold weather, but you can tell from the persistence of the sores that it’s more than a simple irritation and inflammation of cracked skin. The presence of sores can be embarrassing, but there’s little to worry about, as a doctor can quickly surmise based on the symptoms if the underlying issue is bacterial or fungal. If it’s bacterial, antibiotic pills or cream can help ease and deal with the symptoms. However, it’s an even simpler solution if the case is fungal. Instead of worrying about antibiotic resistance, you can be prescribed antifungal cream. Apply it on the affected area and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Before long, the antifungal cream will work, and you’ll find yourself free of the persistent condition. Avoiding a fungal infection is often as simple as ensuring you wash your face whenever you get home. While a fungal infection doesn’t always mean bad hygiene, improving your hygiene can lower the odds of a fungal infection.