15 Common Causes of Angular Cheilitis You Shouldn’t Ignore

Suboptimal Dentures

In some dental conditions, the best course of action is to use dentures — a prosthetic that replaces missing teeth to help with one’s bite or to deal with too many missing teeth. It’s a more affordable alternative to implants, though implants are recommended for those that want a more permanent solution to missing teeth. That said, the mouth can be complicated, and issues can arise when measuring the mouth for dentures. Misaligned teeth can be problematic, so if the dentures don’t fit, they can cause even more significant problems. Dentures that don’t work can cause angular cheilitis, as it could cause an infection if you keep accidentally biting your lips or the inside of your cheeks.

It can take some time to get used to dentures, and even the ones that seem to fit well can cause issues with the gums for a few weeks. Eventually, when the mouth is strong enough and used to the dentures, any problem you might have had will disappear. If you already have angular cheilitis, you’ll need to have it treated first.