15 Common Causes of Angular Cheilitis You Shouldn’t Ignore

Skin conditions are rarely something to worry about, especially if you’re diligent about taking care of your body. Typically, skin conditions don’t get too much attention, even with hygiene problems, as they have a habit of going away before long. However, there are some conditions where it’s not easy to get rid of specific conditions for bacterial and fungal reasons. For example, getting cracked skin and even sores on the corners of your mouth is normal, especially during colder seasons. While they tend to go away with time (and perhaps some moisturizer), there are some situations where the sores become painful and persistent. In such cases, angular cheilitis is usually the culprit.

Angular cheilitis can affect one or both corners of your mouth and result in painful, cracked sores. It can be highly persistent when left unchecked, and the symptoms can worsen over time. That said, it isn’t a severe condition despite angular cheilitis being either a bacterial or fungal infection. At most, it’s frustrating and embarrassing, but there are ways you can potentially avoid angular cheilitis. In addition, understanding the condition’s causes will help better prepare you to prevent angular cheilitis in the future.

Misaligned Teeth

One of the causes of angular cheilitis is when the teeth aren’t aligned correctly. It’s a widespread condition, and most kids will have a case of misaligned teeth. Typically, such a condition is fixed by going to the dentist and getting the necessary adjustments. However, misaligned teeth can cause issues with one’s bite, potentially leading to sores in the mouth due to accidentally biting the inside of your cheeks or lips. It can be a frustrating condition that can constantly lead to sores if you aren’t careful. Eventually, the corners of the mouth could become infected and lead to angular cheilitis.

As far as the treatment is concerned, it’s usually braces or even dentures, as they can help to deal with misaligned teeth over time. There are other types of dental hardware the dentist can use if your teeth require more work. Overall, braces are something that a large percentage of people have to deal with to help with misaligned teeth. When left unchecked, misaligned teeth could potentially suffer from crowding, resulting in some teeth becoming infected. In addition, tooth pain can be distressing, so it’s a good idea to deal with dental issues ASAP.