Adrenal Fatigue: The 15 Best Treatments You Should Know

Adrenal fatigue is a common yet controversial diagnosis typically used to indicate adrenal glands that don’t produce enough hormones. These hormones are responsible for distributing protein and fats, reacting to various stressors, and regulating blood sugar and overall inflammation. Problems with the adrenal glands can cause all sorts of issues for the body, which is typically called adrenal insufficiency. The thing about adrenal fatigue is it differs from adrenal insufficiency.

Unlike the latter, a medical condition where the glands are no longer producing sufficient hormones, adrenal fatigue is a condition where the body reacts to stress to the point where the adrenal glands temporarily stop functioning correctly. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to diagnose, as most people associate it with adrenal insufficiency or a slew of other potential health conditions rather than adrenal fatigue.

It’s considered a theoretical diagnosis, as many researchers maintain that there isn’t enough to make adrenal fatigue a proper medical condition. That said, there are still best-practice methods below to help deal with the potential of adrenal fatigue.

Breaking the Cycle of Stress

One of the things about adrenal fatigue that people tend to forget is how it starts as a trigger from anxiety. In such cases, adrenal fatigue is considered more a symptom of anxiety and stress than a trigger. How you react to the cycle of anxiety could end up feeding into the pressure if you aren’t careful, such as binge eating and comfort food. One way to help tackle adrenal fatigue is by looking into what you do when you’re stressed and trying to switch things up. Trying new things isn’t a bad idea, especially when you’re reeling from the effects of anxiety. Try something new, and it could serve as a strong enough distraction.

For example, if you have a habit of playing video games in an attempt to get away from the trigger and feel better, it can get to the point where gaming directly after stressful situations can be a trigger. You can avoid it by breaking the cycle — it doesn’t mean you’re no longer allowed to play games when stressed, but trying something new can help you breathe easier. It’s a means of managing adrenal fatigue as a preventative measure.