10 Health Benefits Of Vitamin C (Backed By Science)

Speeds up Healing

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that helps heal wounds faster. It aids in producing collagen, which is needed in healing wounds. A lower level of this vitamin could slow down the healing process. For this reason, many healthcare professionals recommend taking vitamin C supplements to patients with a low level of it in their bodies to help them recover faster. It doesn’t only apply to wound healing but also other diseases. It may not be a cure for these diseases, but it can help shorten recovery.

However, other factors could cause wounds to heal longer, like age, obesity, medication, skin moisture, and repeated trauma. Wounds take longer to heal as you age because the skin becomes thinner, and the system produces less collagen. Obesity poses a higher infection risk, while certain medications could affect healing. A skin that’s too dry or too wet would both affect the recovery of severe trauma and several wounds. Eating healthy foods, including those rich in vitamin C, and getting enough rest can help heal your wounds faster.