Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver is popular in the Indian Subcontinent. It is popularly known in these areas as “Khus” or “Khus Khus”. It is extensively used in making perfumes, and in cooling and food and beverage industries.

Its botanical name is Vetiver Zizanoides or Andropogon Muricatus. The grass has a very pleasant, earthy, milk and musky smell that has a cooling effect on both mind and body. The dried roots and grass are used in thatching the side panels of water based rooms and window coolers since it adds fragrance and cool the moist air.

It is also used in thatching the roofs of earthen houses and mattresses. It is used as curtains on windows and doors, which not only cools the room and makes it smell good; it also keeps insects away. Its demand rises extremely during summer in humid countries such as India and its neighbors.

The health benefits derived from Vetiver Essential Oil are attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, nervine, cicatrisant, sedative, vulnerary and tonic substance. The main components of the oil are alpha vetivone, beta vetivone, benzoic acid, furfurol, vetivene, vertiverol and vetivenyl vetivenate. It is used extensively in the production of perfume (for the body, coolers and room fresheners), cosmetics, oils, soaps and as flavoring for sorbets, foodstuffs and beverages.

Vetiver Essential Oil Benefits

Vetiver Essential Oil benefits include:

  • Improves and maintains nerve health
  • Provides relief for patients with insomnia
  • Rejuvenates the body and boosts the immune system
  • Arouses feelings of sexual desire and enhances libido
  • Heals wounds by promoting new tissue growth
  • Quickens the removal of scars and other skin marks

Vetiver Essential Oil Uses

  1. Vetiver Essential Oil as Anti-Inflammatory. Vetiver oil has cooling and soothing effect as it calms and pacifies all types of inflammation. It is efficient in providing relief from both circulatory and nervous system inflammation. It is used by South Asian regions in treating inflammation caused by dehydration, sunstroke and loo (the very hot and dry winds during summer).
  2. Vetiver Essential Oil as Cicatrisant. The oil contains a substance that speeds up the healing of scars and skin marks. It promotes growth of new tissues to replace dead and discolored ones and helps in achieving an even look. It is used for post-delivery stretch marks of pregnant women, spots left by pox, fat cracks and burns.
  3. Vetiver Essential Oil as Antiseptic. The oil effectively stops Staphylococcus Aureus from growing. These bacteria are responsible for causing sepsis. It is safe to apply the oil externally on the wounds or taken orally in order to protect the wound and internal organs from sepsis.
  4. Vetiver Essential Oil as Aphrodisiac. As a flavoring agent added in beverages and sorbets, the oil produces an aphrodisiac effect. It enhances and arouses the libido and sexual desires. It is a remedy for sexual disorders like impotence, frigidity and lack of libido. The components of the oil stimulate portions of the brain and bedroom problems are resolved.
  5. Vetiver Essential Oil as Tonic It helps tone up the body systems like the digestive respiratory, excretory, circulatory, immune, nervous and endocrine system. It keeps the metabolisms in order, refreshes the body, enhances strength and boosts the immune system.   

Vetiver Essential Oil Side Effect

Vetiver Essential Oil is completely safe to use because it is a non-irritant, non-toxic and non-sensitizing substance. However, consuming the plant itself can cause kidney problems. For safety reasons, keep oil away from children, pregnant and nursing mothers. Avoid contact with your inner ears, eyes and sensitive areas.

How to Use Vetiver Essential Oil

  1. Aromatherapy. Use Vetiver oil topically or aromatically when you are experiencing anxiety, stress and nervous feelings. It is rich in sesquiterpenes. When inhaled or used on the skin, the oil provides a grounded and calming effect on the emotions.
  2. Internally. Vertiver oil contains the immune supporting properties that fortifies the immune system. You can take two drops of Vetiver Essential Oil internally.
  3. Topically. Just rub a few drops on your the neck and feet. This promotes grounded and calm feelings.
  4. As bath oil. Add a few drops of Vetiver Essential Oil to a bathtub filled with warm water. The aroma aids in creating a calming and soothing atmosphere.
  5. As immune system enhancer. To help prepare the body for traveling and changes in environment, take one or 2 drops of Vetiver oil. This will help enhance your healthy immune system.   

How to Make Vetiver Oil

There are several methods used in the distillation and extraction of the oil. The procedure below is the most basic water and steam distillation process.


400 kg of Vetiver roots

20 to 30 liters of tap water


  1. Wash the fresh roots with water and dry them under the shade for a few weeks.
  2. Once the roots are clean and dry, cut them up into pieces a few centimeters in length.
  3. Using a direct fire distiller, fill an alembic with water and the roots and place them in direct contact with the lower wall of the boiler.
  4. The distillate will be cooled down by a water cooling coil and is collected into a container.
  5. The oil will float to the surface or deposits to the bottom. It will be collected through the proper Florentine flasks and separating funnels.
  6. This method is simple, easy and economic. However, it takes 36 to 48 hours for processing 300 to 400 kg of plant material.

Vetiver Essential Oil Recipe

Here are simple recipes with Vetiver Essential Oil:

As Sleepy Time Salve. Mix ¼ cup beeswax and ½ cup coconut essential oil and heat together until thoroughly mixed. While it is cooling down, mix 10 drops of Lavender and Vetiver Essential Oils.

As PH Balancing Deodorant. Mix 1 tbsp vinegar with 1 cup water and 1 TB baking soda. Blend thoroughly and add 10 drops of Vetiver and Wild Orange essential oil. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray as needed.

Where to Buy Vetiver Essential Oil

You can purchase pure and potent Vetiver Essential Oil in reputable online sellers like Terra Wellness Advocate. You can also purchase the oil in physical stores that sell aromatherapy and essential oils.

More Information on Vetiver Essential Oil

  • Essential oils of benzoin, jasmine, grapefruit, ylang-ylang and lavender blend well with Vetiver Essential Oil.
  • Patients afflicted with rheumatism, gout, arthritis, dryness, muscular aches and cracking of the skin benefit from Vetiver Essential Oil.
  • This oil is a non-toxic substance and is non-sensitizing and non-irritant that is why it is totally safe to use.