What Causes Vaginal Smell? 14 Possible Causes You Should Know

Increased Blood Flow to the Vagina

The female reproductive system is a complex and sensitive network of organs, hormones, and other factors that work together to enable pregnancy and pelvic health. One key player in this system is blood flow, which helps to regulate vaginal function and physiology. 

Increased blood flow plays a role in vaginal lubrication and elasticity, both of which are important for maintaining healthy sexual activity. Increased blood flow to the area can influence vaginal odor in several ways. First, increased blood flow can cause the release of more sweat and other fluids from the vulva. These fluids can mix with vaginal secretions and any existing bacteria in the area, increasing odor. 

The increased blood flow can also make swelling and inflammation more likely. This can lead to blocked sweat glands, which can then cause an increase in body odor. Finally, increased blood flow can dilute good bacteria and reduce their numbers. As we know, good bacteria keep the pH level balanced. Without them, bad bacteria can take over and cause an unpleasant smell.