Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric is widely popular for its cancer-fighting properties. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer try alternative medicines to help them battle the Big C, and turmeric is one of the frontrunners in helping patients find a cure for their illness. Turmeric may be in its original form, in powder or in essential oil form. Turmeric Essential Oil has gained wide popularity because of its ease of use, compared to its original and powdered counterparts. Turmeric Essential Oil, aside from its cancer-fighting powers, also has other medicinal and therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed.

Turmeric oil is derived from the turmeric plant (Zingiberaceae) that belongs to the ginger family it is also known as yellow ginger, because of its bright yellow color. The oil is extracted from the roots, by way of steam distillation. The scent of the extracted oil is woody, sweet and with a hint of spice. Turmeric oil has the following components that make it potent enough to fight cancer cells, one of the illnesses that are so hard to beat even up to this day of modern technology: 25.3% of aromatic turmerone, 18.3% of alpha turmerone, 12.5% of curlone, 2.26% of caryophyllene, 1.60% of eucalyptol and .42% of alpha-phellandrene.

Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits

Thinking about how you can benefit from Turmeric Essential Oil? Here are just some of the things you can get from taking it.

  • Best for colon cancer. A study has found that turmeric oil is effective in fighting this type of cancer, which can rapidly develop and make the body deteriorate.
  • Thwarts brain diseases. Turmeric oil has compounds that prevent neurologic disorders from developing in the brain.
  • Effective in treating epileptic symptoms. The essential oil has anticonvulsant properties that make it effective in stopping epileptic seizures from happening.
  • Reduces arthritis and joint pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for this benefit. Arthritis and joint pain sufferers can function a lot better when they take turmeric oil for their condition.
  • Improves liver health. When the liver is ailing, the whole body is affected, as it is the largest organ that detoxifies the entire body.
  • Fights breast cancer. Aside from colon cancer, breast cancer is one of the cancers that greatly benefits from turmeric oil.
  • Lessens leukemia cells. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood, and when cells are reduced, the risks for developing leukemia are significantly reduced as well.
  • Gets rid of anxiety and depression. Turmeric oil is a relaxant, and the mind is relaxed, depression and anxiety symptoms are banished.
  • Treats common cold. Turmeric is an effective decongestant.

There is no doubt that Turmeric Essential Oil is very effective in treating serious illnesses. With its level of potency, even the worst illness – cancer – can be fought and prevented. You can start taking turmeric oil even if you do not have cancer but do not want to take the risk of contracting it. Simple illnesses are also cured by this oil.

Turmeric Essential Oil Uses

  1. Turmeric Essential Oil as Anti-inflammatory. Inflammation associated with gout and arthritis is reduced, allowing sufferers to function better even if suffering from these conditions.
  2. Turmeric Essential Oil as Immune System Enhancer. Overall health depends on how strong the immune system is, and turmeric oil can greatly help with it.
  3. Turmeric Essential Oil for Hair Loss. The antioxidants present in turmeric oil are responsible for preventing hair loss and male pattern baldness.
  4. Turmeric Essential Oil as Food Flavoring. Turmeric is a spice before it became an essential oil that treats and relieves health problems. It is still widely used in different dishes, especially Eastern recipes as turmeric originated in Asia.
  5. Turmeric Essential Oil as Cancer Fighter. Turmeric is most known for its cancer fighting abilities and studies have shown that it really has significant effects on certain cancers such as colon and breast cancer.
  6. Turmeric Essential Oil as Diabetes Aid. Turmeric oil can reverse blood glucose levels into their normal range.

Turmeric Essential Oil Side Effects

Turmeric Essential Oil is a strong essential oil, and it should never be used unadulterated. Only a few drops should be enough to get its benefits. Before taking turmeric oil internally, consult a qualified aroma therapist or a physician beforehand to make sure that you will not suffer any adverse reactions from it. Turmeric oil can stain the skin and also clothing and may make the skin temporarily look yellow when applied on the skin. Turmeric oil is phototoxic, which means that when skin applied with turmeric oil is exposed to UV light, it can cause sunburn-like effects.

How to Use Turmeric Essential Oil

Two to three drops of Turmeric Essential Oil is sufficient for relieving stress and anxiety. Five drops of the oil into five drops of carrier oil can be used as a massage oil to relieve aches and pains as well as inflammation. For ingestion, only one drop of the oil is needed to be diluted in water or any other liquid beverage. Take note that turmeric oil is strongly potent, and ingesting more than a few drops may cause havoc in one’s body.

How to Make Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric Essential Oil is made from steam distillation of turmeric roots. The roots release the essential oil when the water produces steam.

Turmeric Essential Oil Recipe

Make your own Turmeric Essential Oil at home with these easy steps.


  • Turmeric roots
  • Coconut oil
  • Grater
  • Water
  • Saucepan
  • Cheesecloth
  • Container


  1. Grate turmeric roots and add a few drops of water to form a thick paste.
  2. Pour the coconut oil into the saucepan and cook over low heat. Add the turmeric paste after a minute.
  3. Swirl the mixture continuously to prevent burning the mixture.
  4. Let it cool before straining with cheesecloth into the container.

Where to Buy Turmeric Essential Oil

You can buy Turmeric Essential Oil online from Mountain Rose Herbs. There are also other brands and suppliers of this essential oil on the Internet. You can also find turmeric oil in alternative medicine stores and anywhere essential oils are sold. You can also make your own concoction. As turmeric oil is very potent, even a small amount can last a long time.

More Information on Turmeric Essential Oil

  • It is no surprise that turmeric is very effective in curing ailments, especially giving cancer patients a fighting chance in overcoming their illnesses because of turmeric oil’s components: 14 molecules that prevent cancer, 20 that are antibiotic, 12 that are anti-inflammatory and 12 that are anti-tumor. These are very good numbers in treating and preventing diseases. There are also a number of antioxidants present in turmeric oil.
  • It is a potent relaxant, and it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, balancing the Kapha body type
  • It is not suitable for pregnant women as it can stimulate menstruation that can lead to miscarriage.
  • The following medications may interact negatively with turmeric oil, which is why people who take these medications are not allowed to use turmeric oil: diclofenac, clopidogrel, enoxaparin, warfarin, reserpine, dalteparin, naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin and heparin.
  • The following antacids may interact negatively with Turmeric Essential Oil: lansoprazole, ranitidine, famotidine, cimetidine, esomeprazole and omeprazole.