What Could Trigger Toe Cramp? 13 Possible Causes


Dystonia is a medical condition that causes muscles to contract involuntarily. This condition may prompt the muscles to do the repetitive twisting. There are three types of dystonia: focal, segmental, and general. Focal dystonia is a condition wherein only one body part is affected. Segmental dystonia is described as the condition wherein two or more parts of the body are affected. Finally, general dystonia pertains to the type of dystonia in which all of the body is affected. 

Dystonia is a symptom of many diseases. This includes Wilson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, and stroke. Its severity can vary from one day to another. However, it can also affect a person in daily life. Experts say dystonia is a neurological condition affecting the nerves’ muscle function. 

The spasm, contractions, and cramps are generally painful. The pain is usually not tolerable due to the position of the cramps and may repeat frequently. For example, a toe cramp caused by dystonia is painful and uncomfortable. It may occur any time of the day without a trigger.