Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Tansy (tanacetum annuum), not to be confused with the closely related tanacetum vulgare, is a flowering plant that is native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia. In traditional medicine, the tansy is used in killing parasitic organisms in the body, such as intestinal worms. The same herb was also used as an insecticide by traditional folk. The essential oil of the plant similarly has insecticide and bactericide properties.

Although the two earlier mentioned species of tansy are commonly interchanged, what makes the essential oil of tanacetum annuum unique is its rich blue color, a result of the high amounts of chamazulene in the plant. This is why some people refer to it as Blue Tansy Essential Oil. The oil has a warm scent similar of that of rosemary, and this is one of the features that makes the plant an effective insecticide.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Benefits

Many species of the tanacetum genus are lethal to insects, and are therefore potentially poisonous to humans as well. This fact is also known amongst users of traditional medicine. Evidence of this is how they are used for driving away insects. Nevertheless, when used correctly, Blue Tansy Essential Oil has health benefits, such as:

  • Contains antibacterial properties
  • May be used to clean wounds
  • Kills fungi and cures fungal infections
  • Can soothe skin irritation
  • Has cicatrisant properties
  • Cleanses the body
  • Lowers body temperature
  • Stimulates hormone production
  • Stimulates growth and maturity
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Fights depression
  • Improves sleep
  • Clears respiratory tract
  • Treats asthma and severe coughs

Blue Tansy Essential Oil has bactericide properties that stop the multiplication of harmful microorganisms in wounds. In the past, it was used by people to treat dysentery. Today, the oil is used externally as an antiseptic on wounds, but dosage should be very minimal.

The essential oil is also known for promoting body growth, because it increases the hormone production of the thyroid and thymus glands. In addition to this, it also has prevents allergies and other skin irritants from increasing, ultimately healing them, and keeping the body healthy.

The oil also has febrifuge properties, which can serve both as a medicine for high body temperatures caused by fevers, as well as a cleansing agent.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Uses

  1. Blue Tansy Essential Oil as Pain Reliever. Blue Tansy Essential Oil may be used to treat muscle cramps, headaches, and other bodily pain when used topically. When mixed with jojoba oil, Blue Tansy Essential Oil gives a slightly hot aftereffect that soothes the muscles.
  2. Blue Tansy Essential Oil as Antihistamine. The ability of Blue Tansy Essential Oil to cleanse the body also extends to clearing skin irritation like rashes, allergies, and acne on the face by neutralizing allergy-causing histamine.
  3. Blue Tansy Essential Oil as Sedative. The oil has a soft mint fragrance that can be used for calming the nerves. You can tap the sedative property of Blue Tansy Essential Oil either by diffusing it or directly inhaling from the bottle at a safe distance from the nostrils. The same property and method of use helps in promoting a restful sleep at night.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Side Effects

Because of thujone being present in the chemical makeup of Tansy, the essential oil also has poisonous properties. Skin irritation is one common mild side effect, while the more severe ones reportedly come in the forms of increased nervousness and hallucinations.

Nevertheless, these adverse effects will not be triggered so long as only a very small amount of Blue Tansy Essential Oil is used.

How to Use Blue Tansy Essential Oil

  1. For topical use. Blue Tansy Essential Oil is best diluted with the mild jojoba oil. The resulting mixture can be used as a pain reliever, as well as a massage oil. Meanwhile, for cleaning acne, use a few drops of the oil on a damp cotton ball before dabbing gently on affected skin.
  2. For diffusion. The relaxing and refreshing scent of the oil goes well with lavender, bergamot, and eucalyptus oils. Put one drop of Blue Tansy Essential Oil along with other desired oils in a diffuser and leave in the bed room before sleeping.

How to Make Blue Tansy Essential Oil

The oil of tansy is often extracted from the flowers of the plants, but some manufacturers take it from all of the plant parts. The extract is found to have, aside from chamazulene that gives it its deep blue pigment, artemisone, borneol, camphone, camphor, isopinocamphone, piperitone, and the mildly poisonous thujone.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Recipe

To create your own Blue Tansy Essential Oil, purchase an amount of tansy from your local botanical or herbal store. Make sure to get the correct species of tansy. Some stores might name the herb Moroccan Chamomile.

Prepare the following materials: cooking pot, water, a sterilized glass jar, and a cheesecloth or filter.

  1. Dry the plant by using natural methods (wilting). This may take two weeks. Alternatively, you may use an oven, but this method will affect the potency of the essential oil.
  2. Pour water into the cooking pot, leaving only enough space for the dried tansy without displacing the water.
  3. Boil the water in a very low heat for at least three hours. Make sure the lid is secure on the pot, letting as little steam as possible to escape.
  4. Occasionally check the level of the water and the condition of the herbs. You will know the mixture is ready if it has changed color.
  5. Refrigerate the entire pot for up to eight hours.
  6. The frozen essential oil will float on top of the pot. Collect it and store into the glass jar.
  7. Once melted, filter out any remaining plant debris with the cheesecloth.   

Where to Buy Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Because some stores do not differentiate common tansy from blue tansy, make sure to check the botanical name of the essential oil. You may order Blue Tansy Essential Oil online from Eden Botanicals and Plant Therapy. The latter is a bit pricier than the other. Ananda Arometherapy is another online store that ships bottles of Blue Tansy Essential Oil.

More Information on Blue Tansy Essential Oil

When using, keep the oil away from the eyes and other sensitive areas as it may cause irritation. This means that it should not be used on children. Additionally, remember that Blue Tansy Essential Oil is not edible in any way, unlike other essential oils. Usage should be limited only to external purposes.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil FAQs

Is Blue Tansy Essential Oil lethal?

The essential oil will not be poisonous as long as it is used minimally and externally on healthy adults. The worst effects are nervousness and severe headaches. Do not ingest the oil.

Can pregnant women use Blue Tansy Essential Oil?

One of the many benefits of the oil is stimulating the glands. It is therefore advised for the pregnant, who often experience abnormal hormonal productions, to avoid using Blue Tansy Essential Oil.