15 Symptoms & Sign Of Anxiety (Don’t Ignore)

Without a doubt, those who experience anxiety every now and then have nothing to fear, as it’s a normal part of life. Of course, there are some situations where you feel restless or anxious, but everyone goes through such things. However, there comes a point when it stops becoming a natural thing and evolves into more of an anxiety disorder. It can even get to the point where it feels like an obstruction to daily life.

The road to wellness involves an understanding of the disorders in question. In this case, it’s all about understanding how anxiety disorders can slowly but surely appear for months or even years. It can sometimes feel like the reaction to specific triggers can be out of proportion compared to what’s going on, and the feeling of helplessness ends up lasting a very long time.

Learning about the symptoms of anxiety is one of the keys to treating it and fighting off its effects. There are plenty of symptoms, and this list below will not only go through the symptoms of anxiety but also offer some insight regarding specific disorders related to anxiety.


One common symptom most people with anxiety disorders feel is general tiredness or weakness. Sometimes, things get to be too much, and it causes weakness that ends up making you feel fatigued for most of the day as a result. Anxiety can be overwhelming, and it can often get to the point where your body starts to experience adverse effects from the constant stress and pressure. If you feel symptoms of weakness or tiredness alongside your anxiety, you could be experiencing an anxiety disorder rather than the usual anxiousness.

When you start to feel fatigued, it’s a good idea to look into why you might feel this way outside of the anxiety trigger. For example, many people who feel weak/tired often make things worse by not getting enough to eat or not getting enough sleep — things that can happen due to an abundance of stress.

The good news is understanding the trigger and realizing you are feeling weak/tired can make all the difference. You can remind yourself to eat if you haven’t eaten yet and try to take it easier. You can take steps to alleviate this symptom.