13 Causes & Triggers of Swollen Testicles You Shouldn’t Ignore (List)

The testes, often referred to by their more general term, testicles, are essential components of the male reproductive system. They are two oval-shaped glands that are responsible for producing sperm and testosterone. These are highly sensitive organs, and a person can experience great discomfort if they are swollen or in pain. Therefore, a painful or swollen testicle is a symptom that should not be disregarded since it may indicate an acute and dangerous disease.

An enlarged testicle is also known as testicular enlargement. The scrotum, which is the sac that surrounds the testicles, develops unusually big, which results in this condition.

When fluid begins to collect around the testicle or inside other portions of the scrotum, a condition known as testicular swelling may develop. However, there is no need to panic since having a swollen testicle does not usually indicate that a person has cancer. Instead, in most cases, it is brought on by one of a variety of underlying health problems, including the following.

Testicular Torsion

Torsion of the testicles occurs when one of the testicles rotates and bends the spermatic cord, which is responsible for bringing blood to the other testicle. The twisting prevents blood from reaching the testicle in a normal way.

Torsion of the testicles may also cause abrupt discomfort and swell in the lower abdomen or scrotum area. This is an urgent matter since, if the condition is allowed to go untreated, it might cause the testicle to become irreversibly damaged or perhaps die, which will need to be removed. When this happens, sperm and testosterone production may be depleted, and overall health may be affected. Therefore, taking this condition for granted may pose higher reproductive risks over time.

Although it is most frequent in adolescent males and newborn boys, testicular torsion may happen to anybody at any age. If severe discomfort is experienced, seek professional help.