12 Proven Health Benefits Of Standing Desk

Promotes a Healthy Posture

By standing while working, you are promoting even distribution of weight and pressure across both sides of your spine, keeping your back healthy and strong.

When you’re sitting all day, your body starts to shift toward its most natural position. Prolonged periods of sitting can lead to a posture that, although it seems normal on a physiological level, can negatively affect your body’s health. For instance, if you’ve been sitting for the past eight hours, your body has naturally shifted your spine into a more lopsided position. The spine is meant to move and support weight evenly across both sides. When one side of the spine has to do too much work, it can lead to issues.

The neck is another area affected by prolonged periods of sitting and shifting in one place. The head is meant to be mobile—it should shift when you turn your body or look around a room. However, when you sit down all day and don’t move, your head becomes fixated in one position, causing recurring tension headaches. This can be alleviated by simply taking breaks throughout the workday and staying active—standing while on the phone, walking around your office, or doing some stretches throughout the day.