What Are The Triggers Of Splinter Hemorrhage? 14 Common Causes

Sudden hemorrhaging caused by the splintering of the skin can be quite scary for those who experience it, but there are many reasons why this might happen. Splinter hemorrhage is the name of sudden, spontaneous bleeding from the epidermis when blood vessels are torn or rupture. This can also be called a subcutaneous hematoma. The most common cause of splinter hemorrhage is an injury that tears blood vessels and causes bleeding under the skin. Most often, these injuries are caused by punctures or cuts to the skin, the same kind of injuries that lead to scratches and scrapes.

These kinds of injuries can result in scrapes, scratches, or even deep cuts, which leave the blood vessels open to tearing. In addition, if a person’s skin is especially fragile or delicate (due to age, illness, or malnutrition), they may have smaller blood vessels just under their skin which are easier to rupture. A person with a weakened immune system may also be more vulnerable to splinter hemorrhages because their bodies are less capable of protecting them from bacteria and viruses, which cause infections and inflammation.

Splinter hemorrhage can be caused by several things, which we will discuss below.

Poor Hygiene

Splinter hemorrhage can be caused by poor hygiene. This is caused when a foreign particle, such as a splinter, is stuck in your body. When you do not wash the area and tend to it properly, it can cause infection or a blood clot, eventually leading to ulceration and bleeding.

It is important to keep your hands and feet clean to prevent splinter hemorrhages. If you are going to participate in activities that expose your hands or feet to potentially harmful materials (e.g., gardening or hiking), wear protective clothing for those areas of your body and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.