The 15 Causes of Sore Tongue You Should Be Aware Of

The tongue is a complex organ that allows us to taste, swallow, and speak. It’s also responsible for supporting the dental arch, protecting the oral cavity from foreign objects, and maintaining the health of the lining of the mouth. Because it serves such important functions, a sore tongue can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

A sore tongue is a sensation that arises when there is irritation of the tongue. The tongue is one of the parts of the body used to taste food; hence, it is very important to keep it healthy and free of infections. So, if you are getting a sore tongue often, then it means that you need to take measures to cure this condition as soon as possible. If left untreated, your tongue may even swell.

While most sore tongue causes are benign, several conditions can cause pain in the tongue. This article will explore the different causes of a sore tongue.


Trauma can cause a sore tongue. If you experience trauma, you might be at risk of developing a sore tongue. Also, trauma can come from several physical, chemical, or even emotional sources.

Physical trauma is the most obvious cause of a sore tongue. The injury could have been caused by an accident or an assault. The wound might involve the mouth and tongue, or it may cause internal bleeding that leads to pain in the mouth. Physical injuries can make your language feel raw and irritated.

Injuries can also cause a sore tongue through chemical exposure. This can happen with exposure to strong acids or bases (suffocation) or ingesting toxic materials (poisoning). In some cases, exposure to dangerous chemicals can lead to irritation of the mouth’s skin and mucus membranes, resulting in a sore tongue.