What Are The Causes Of Shaky Hands? 14 Common Triggers

For many people, shaky hands are a source of embarrassment and anxiety. They can be hard to control and may affect one’s ability to perform everyday tasks. But what exactly causes shaky hands, and is there anything you can do to stop them? 

The causes of shaky hands can vary from person to person. For some, it may be due to a medical condition, while others may experience trembling due to stress or anxiety. In some cases, shaking may be due to too much caffeine intake. 

An individual can do a few things to try and stop their hands from shaking. For example, if shaky hands are due to stress or anxiety, deep breathing exercises may help to induce calmness and steady the hands. If diet may be the cause shaky hands, it is recommended to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, and caffeine. And if an individual has a medical condition causing the shaking, it is best to talk to a doctor about treatment options.

Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is a neurological condition that is characterized by involuntary and rhythmic shaking. It can impact various body parts, but the hands, arms, head, face, and voice box are the most common places. The tremor usually occurs when an individual tries to do something with the hands, such as write or use utensils when eating.

The exact cause of essential tremors is unknown. However, it is thought to be due to problems with the nervous system. Essential tremors may run in families, which suggests that genetics may play a role. However, not everyone with essential tremors has a family history of the condition.

There is no cure for essential tremors, but there are treatments that can help reduce the severity of the symptoms. Medications such as beta-blockers and anti-seizure drugs can be helpful in some cases. If medications are ineffective or well tolerated, surgery is another option to implant a deep brain stimulator. This device sends electrical impulses to specific brain areas to help control tremors. Sometimes, alcohol may temporarily relieve symptoms by relaxing the nervous system. However, it is important to use alcohol in moderation, as excessive drinking can lead to other health problems.