15 Secrets Your Health Insurance Company Is Not Telling You

Without a Say, You Don’t Have to Pay

If you decide to consult with a non-networked doctor purposely, insurers will usually make it clear to you that it won’t be a part of your coverage. However, when it comes to procedures like surgery, the healthcare provider generally picks the anesthesiologist to use. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to shoulder the costs if you receive a bill with out-of-network charges. Instead, draft a letter firmly stating that you were without a say on the anesthesiologist and shouldn’t have to pay extra fees.

Always remember that if you have little to no control, then you aren’t liable. Therefore, you should keep this tactic in mind. Unfortunately, many consumers may not be aware of it, which will require additional work. However, taking the time to communicate with your insurance provider with a well-written piece of correspondence can potentially save you from spending a considerable amount of money.