12 Causes & Common Triggers Of Plantar Wart (You Should Know)

Poor Hygiene

Practicing proper hygiene is crucial in maintaining the body’s health. It reduces the spread of diseases and may lower the risk of medical conditions. It involves keeping the external body parts healthy and clean. People with poor proper hygiene provide an ideal environment for harmful microorganisms or invaders to grow, develop and spread illness in the body. These people are more susceptible to diseases such as plantar warts.

Keeping the feet clean all the time is one way to prevent plantar warts. The feet must always be dry and free from moisture. It must also be thoroughly clean, especially during activities that require going barefoot. Although plantar warts are developed in the sole of the feet, keeping the whole body clean is a must. The whole body must be clean and free from moisture to prevent the catering of invaders. The hands must also be clean. Since the hands are the most used body parts, they house different kinds of viruses, such as human papillomavirus. Direct contact on the hands and feet can cause transmissions resulting in the possible development of warts.