Pimento Essential Oil

The pimento tree is native to South America and the Caribbean islands. It is a gigantic evergreen tree that has a lot of medicinal uses. It is also used as a spice in several countries. In fact, it has earned the title, Allspice, simply because it has the taste of almost all the spice you can think. It has a little bit of clove with cinnamon, pepper and cardamom.

The essential oil is extracted using the leaves and fruits. However, the oil that can be extracted from each of these two sources is different in terms of aroma and color. Eugenol, phenol and sesquiterpene are the main components present in this essential oil making it perfect in treating various illnesses. The tree bears flowers only thrice a yea- June, July and August. Therefore, it is very crucial to pick the whole berry fruit that falls to the ground as it is used for oil extraction.

Although the essential oil comes from a tree which is found only in South America and the Caribbean, it is now among the most popular essential oils in Europe. This is also because as early as Christopher Columbus’ expedition, he has discovered the seeds of pimento and introduced it to Europe. It also reached Mexico where the essential oil is used for treating stomach issues, colds and menstrual cramps. Now, it is sought after in different parts of the world for its health benefits.

The tree can grow old for up to 100 years. Therefore, in its lifetime, it can produce a lot of essential oils for people to make use of. The essential oil is somewhat similar to clove bud and holy bail essential oils in terms of the presence of Eugenol. It also has the smell that is very earthy and herbal. This is why it is perfect for blending with almost any other essential oils if you want to improve the smell. This includes ginger, orange and lavender. Over the years, more health benefits were discovered in using this essential oil. It can help prevent muscles problems and rheumatism. It is also perfect in solving digestive issues.

Pimento Essential Oil Benefits

You are going to experience these benefits if you start using this essential oil now:

  • Helps relieve pain
  • Has a numbing effect which is perfect for people with wounds
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Treats indigestion and other stomach issues
  • Relieves the body from stress and anxiety
  • Helps increase blood flow and reduce the chances of high blood pressure
  • Increases metabolism to achieve weight loss goals
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Has antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Treats bronchitis and other respratory problems

Pimento Essential Oil Uses

  1. Pimento Essential Oil as Pain Reliever. Whether you are suffering from pain due to muscle injuries, insect bites or neuralgia, you will start feeling better the moment you make use of this essential oil.
  2. Pimento Essential Oil as Detoxifier. The bad elements present inside the body will be flashed out with the help of this essential oil. It frees the body from radicals that may cause diseases or other serious conditions.
  3. Pimento Essential Oil as Remedy for Digestive Issues. From the simplest problems like flatulence to the most serious problems like chest pain, you can count on this essential oil to make you feel better.
  4. Pimento Essential Oil as Stress Relief. The smell of this essential oil is very relaxing and it is perfect for people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Hypertension and mental unrest may also be treated.
  5. Pimento Essential Oil as Metabolism Booster. If you are trying to lose weight, it is a must to increase your metabolism. You can do so with the help of this essential oil as it triggers more enzymes that are useful in increasing metabolism.
  6. Pimento Essential Oil as Immune System Booster. It has antibacterial properties that can easily fight off bacteria in the body. It also strengthens the immune system to ensure that the problem is not coming back again.
  7. Pimento Essential Oil as Treatment for Skin Irritation. If you suffer from skin problems, you can get help from this essential oil. Simple and even more complicated problems lie psoriasis may be treated with the constant use of the essential oil.
  8. Pimento Essential Oil as Anti-tetanus. Tetanus seems to be a simple problem, but it can deadly. This essential oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are helpful in preventing the problem from getting worse.

Pimento Essential Oil Side Effects

Here are some of the side effects of using the essential oil.

  • Irritation of the skin. Some people may be allergic to this essential oil. Use it only in moderation.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to use the essential oil as in any other essential oil as they have a more sensitive condition.

How to Use Pimento Essential Oil

You can maximize the use of the pimento essential oil through these methods:

  1. Aromatherapy. With the use of a diffuser, you can smell the essential oil and feel relaxed. You may also inhale it directly but it is advised not to use a lot as it doesn’t necessarily have an appealing smell. You may use it with other essential oils though to improve the scent.
  2. Topical. You can apply it on certain areas of your skin or parts of your bodies that are aching to alleviate the pain. It is advised to apply only in moderation to avoid potential side effects. You may also place it in liquid such as your hot bath for a better and more relaxing bathing experience.

How to Make Pimento Essential Oil

Steam distillation of the fruits or leaves is involved in the creation of this essential oil. The whole berry is usually the main recipe in making the essential oil as its outer rind has the components that are essential in making sure that the health benefits are maximized. If possible, the berry to be used in making the essential oil must be unripe so that the aroma properties would be lessened. Ripe berries have a more pungent smell. The berries are dried first for a few days before distillation is started.

Pimento Essential Oil Recipe

To use the essential oil as treatment for rheumatic conditions, it is best if you use 10 drops of the pimento essential oil and mix it with 15mL of grapeseed oil. Rub the mixture on the affected area. You may also use the essential oil for your bath. In doing so, you can use 5 drops on your bath and add a different essential oil for improved smell.

Where to Buy Pimento Essential Oil

This essential oil is not quite common compared with other more popular essential oils. You might have a hard time searching for one in local stores. Just go online and search for it in sites like Base Formula and Pennherb.

More Information on Pimento Essential Oil

  • The tree in which the pimento comes from is actually classified as an evergreen shrub. However, considering the fact that it can grow up to 59 feet, it is deemed a tree in the eyes of many. It can also grow old for a century.
  • There was a time when South Americans used pimento as a flavoring for chocolates.
  • The essential oil has properties that may corrode metals. Take off your jewelry when you have applied it to your skin or don’t place the areas where you have used the oil on furniture.
  • The pimento seeds or oil may be used in making potpourri, pomanders and herb pillows.
  • The essential oil looks like a light oil that is also light yellow in color. However, it contains properties that gradually change its color over time. You can see the oil starting to look dark yellow.
  • People in London have started using the essential oil in as early as 1601. They used it both for its medicinal purposes and its cooking uses.
  • Until now, North Africans and some Europeans make use of the essential oil to improve the taste of their sweets.