Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is most known for its fragrant and relaxing aroma, but in recent years it has also come to be known as an effective alternative medicine in oil form that is packed with health benefits. The leaves of the patchouli plant are used to extract its essential oil. The essential oil is composed of the following compounds: pogostol, alpha bulnesene, alpha patchoulene, patchouli alcohol, beta patchouline, seychellene, norpatchoulenol, caryophyllene and alpha guaiene. These compounds are responsible for Patchouli Essential Oil’s numerous benefits.

Pogostemon cabli is the scientific name of patchouli. Patchouli Essential Oil is good for both the mind and the body. It is packed with positive attributes that allow its users to maintain a healthy body and mind. It is most beneficial to the skin; it prevents the early onset of wrinkles, age spots and many others that make skin look dull and lifeless. Their earthy and musky smells are the reasons why it is widely used in perfumes and cosmetics. The 60s era is when the patchouli scent was most popular because of the scent it evokes. It complimented the hippie culture during that decade.

Compared to other essential oils that can lose their potency and aroma over time, Patchouli Essential Oil just gets better as it lasts. Aside from its health benefits, Patchouli Essential Oil also lends its potency to the food, perfume and chemical industries. Food manufacturers use patchouli oil as a flavoring substance in food processing. Perfume makers continue to incorporate the scent of patchouli in their products, and insecticides, disinfectants and insect repellents make use of the oil to make the products more effective.

Patchouli Essential Oil Benefits

Here are the benefits that you can get when you integrate Patchouli Essential Oil into your daily life.

  • It lightens the mood. Depression is alleviated with the help of this essential oil.
  • Reduces inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it possible to reduce swelling faster.
  • Body odor is concealed. Thanks to its sweet, musky and earthy scent, patchouli oil can help mask and eventually eliminate annoying body odor.
  • Promotes gum health. Taking patchouli oil will make gums stronger and more capable of fighting gum diseases.
  • Improves skin health. Sagging is a natural occurrence in skin, but with patchouli oil, this phase can be delayed. It is also responsible for treating skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, sores and dermatitis.
  • Acts as protection. Applying patchouli oil on wounds will shield them from infections that can inhabit in open wounds and cause more problems in the body.
  • Energy booster. It helps regulate energy and strengthen the body’s immune system.
  • Effective detoxifier. It flushes out toxins from the body.
  • Helps get rid of sexual problems. Decreased libido and impotency are treated.

These benefits will help you maintain good overall health. Illnesses inhabit the body when its immune system is weakened, due to both internal and external factors. Because Patchouli Essential Oil helps strengthen the body’s immune system, it is possible to effectively ward off possible illnesses that may plague a person.

Patchouli Essential Oil Uses

  1. Patchouli Essential Oil as Palm Inhaler. When mixed with jojoba oil, it can be dropped on the palms of the hand and cupped to be inhaled directly.
  2. Patchouli Essential Oil as Bath Oil. Pouring several drops into a bath water will make for a refreshing and energizing bath.
  3. Patchouli Essential Oil as Antidepressant. The fragrance that Patchouli Essential Oil emits has a relaxing and calming effect, as well as enhances the mood and lifts the spirit.
  4. Patchouli Essential Oil as Deodorant. It masks and eliminates body odor. In place of body odor is an earthy and musky scent.
  5. Patchouli Essential Oil as Insecticide. The scent of the oil repels insects such as mosquitos, lice, bed bugs and fleas.
  6. Patchouli Essential Oil as Tonic. Patchouli Essential Oil acts as a whole body tonic. Internal organs are toned, making it possible for the body to function properly.
  7. Patchouli Essential Oil as Sedative. The hypersensitivity and hyperactivity of the body components are relaxed by Patchouli Essential Oil.
  8. Patchouli Essential Oil as Fungicide. Fungal infections are fought off by the body with the help of this essential oil. Its antifungal property is responsible for this.
  9. Patchouli Essential Oil as Diuretic. It promotes frequent urination that in turn cleanses the urinary tract, allowing the body to get rid of dirt that can cause infections in the urinary tract.
  10. Patchouli Essential Oil as Febrifuge. Fever is a symptom of an illness, so when if fever is rid of, the illness that is starting to develop is eliminated as well. Patchouli Essential Oil is known to lower body temperature during a fever.
  11. Patchouli Essential Oil as Aphrodisiac. Erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and other sexual disorders can be treated by taking Patchouli Essential Oil. This oil has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years.

Patchouli Essential Oil Side Effects

Generally safe for consumption, Patchouli Essential Oil should be used sparingly and must be diluted just like any other essential oil. Huge doses of patchouli oil may cause lethargy and loss of appetite, as it can be a very strong sedative when taken in large doses. This essential oil is not fit for use by nursing and pregnant women. People on prescription drugs may have adverse reactions with Patchouli Essential Oil if the components of both the oil and the drugs are not compatible with each other.

How to Use Patchouli Essential Oil

For cosmetic use, a few drops of Patchouli Essential Oil can be added to shampoo, conditioner or facial wash. For other uses, 5-10 drops of patchouli oil can be added to drinks such as water and tea, or in diffusers and bath water.

How to Make Patchouli Essential Oil

Steam distillation of patchouli leaves is how the essential oil is extracted from the plant. Water is placed in a flask in the distiller and heated to produce steam. The steam then goes up the distiller and in to the flask where the patchouli leaves are placed. The steam will stimulate the release of the oil from the leaves, which will then be collected on a container.

Patchouli Essential Oil Recipe

Here are the ingredients you will need and steps you have to take to produce your very own Patchouli Essential Oil right in your home.


  • Dried or fresh patchouli leaves
  • Carrier oil like almond oil
  • Saucepan
  • Cheesecloth
  • Glass jar
  • Container


  1. Wash the patchouli leaves thoroughly, making sure to remove any dirt.
  2. Place the leaves in the glass jar, filling it completely.
  3. Pour the carrier oil into the jar, making sure every leaf is submerged in it.
  4. Replace the lid and give the jar a few shakes.
  5. Bring water to a boil in the saucepan.
  6. Turn off the fire and place the glass jar into the saucepan until the water cools off.
  7. Shake the jar a few times more.
  8. Keep the jar in a cool and dark spot in the house for one month, shaking the jar everyday to make sure that the oils are well mixed.
  9. Drain the oil in the cheesecloth and into the container.

Where to Buy Patchouli Essential Oil

doTERRA has its own Patchouli Essential Oil. It can be purchased from the company’s website. There are many other sources and suppliers of Patchouli Essential Oil, whether on the Internet or in stores where essential oils are sold. Always keep in mind when buying Patchouli Essential Oil that it should be pure and free from synthetic ingredients.

Patchouli Essential Oil FAQs

Is Patchouli Essential Oil safe to use by everyone?

Generally anyone can use Patchouli Essential Oil, save for pregnant and nursing women. If you want to use patchouli oil but have an existing medical condition, consult your practitioner beforehand to determine if the components of the oil will not interfere with the medication. The same goes for children. Allergic reactions may occur if the skin is sensitive to one or more of the oil’s components.

How can Patchouli Essential Oil retain its potency?

Storing it in room temperature and away from direct heat and sunlight will allow the oil to retain its potency. Purchasing a big bottle of Patchouli Essential Oil that will not be consumed within a month, pour the needed amount into a smaller container and store the remainder in the fridge. Repeatedly opening the bottle can hasten the oil’s oxidation, which can lose its potency.

Can Patchouli Essential Oil be used undiluted?

Most essential oils need to be diluted in liquid beverage for ingestion or in carrier oil for other uses. Patchouli oil needs to be diluted in drinking water or tea if being ingested to get its health benefits. However for application on the skin, a few drops can be applied directly on the skin, provided that the user has performed a skin test beforehand to test for allergic reactions. Irritation may still occur so it is advisable to mix it with carrier oil for safe results.