Oakmoss Essential Oil

Oakmoss is a kind of moss that usually grows in branches of oak trees, hence the name. It can be found in various countries across Europe and North America. Its essential oil is extracted and has a lot of health benefits. France is the main producer of this essential oil although you can also find one in countries like Bulgaria and USA.

Oak moss usually looks ugly when you see it at first. Of course, all mosses have that greenish and wet look. It is not really that visually appealing. However, beneath the ugliness is nature’s miracle. It has tons of medicinal properties that have been harnessed by a lot of people for several years now.

The moss itself was called the lungs of oak by the Native Americans. This is due to the fact that it can be used for solving respiratory issues. Although it has been a long time ago since the moss was first used as a solution to respiratory problems, it is still popular for that purpose until now. Aside from oak trees, you may also find this moss in firs and pines. They have differences though in terms of the aroma. The essential oil generally has an earthy and bushy smell.

Aside from its health benefits, oak moss essential oil is also used as an ingredient for perfume. It can also contain anti-aging properties, making it a staple in various beauty and cosmetic products. It has been dubbed as Mother Nature’s gift for aging people. Studies have also shown that it can cure sepsis which is deemed as a serious issue. It may also be used in detoxifying the body and removing toxins as well as soothing the skin to make you look young again.

Oakmoss Essential Oil Benefits

Oak moss provides the following health benefits:

  • Solves skin irritation, acne and allergies
  • Hastens treatment of wounds
  • Delays the signs of aging and helps the body recover easily from injuries and related problems
  • Treats digestive problems such as flatulence and constipation
  • Soothes inflammation and lessens the pain
  • Helps reduce cramps and stiffness of the muscles
  • Relieves the body from stress and emotional issues
  • Improves the hair and helps maintain its natural glow.
  • Treats constipation and other digestive issues

Oakmoss Essential Oil Uses

  1. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Immunity Booster. It has properties that help in strengthening the defense mechanism of the body. It ensures that when the body is attacked by bacteria, they won’t be able to survive.
  2. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Treatment for Acne. Given the fact that it has antibacterial properties, it is perfect in fighting acne and other skin problems brought about by bacteria.
  3. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Stress Reliever. It is a powerful anti-depressant and it has the ability to make the body relax and feel calmer.
  4. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Hair Treatment. It solves scalp problems, hair fall, damaged hair, flakes and redness. It also maintains the smoothness and moisture in the hair.
  5. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Treatment for Muscle Stiffness. Swelling muscles and other parts of the body suffering from inflammation will be better once this essential oil is used.
  6. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Aromatherapy. Smelling this essential oil makes you feel more relaxed. Its earthy smell is also perfect in making you feel calmer.
  7. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Remedy for Respiratory Problems. Constant use of the essential oil will clear the lungs and blocked passages. This makes you breathe easier. People with cough, asthma and trouble breathing will start feeling relief.
  8. Oakmoss Essential Oil as Deodorant. It has the ability to neutralize bad smell. This makes you smell better. You may also blend the essential oil with other scents for better results.

Oakmoss Essential Oil Side Effects

  • Pregnant women. Due to some of the properties of the oak moss essential oil, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant and are breastfeeding. The baby may also suffer as this essential oil could be toxic especially when ingested.
  • Neurological disorders. People suffering from neurological issues are not advised to use this essential oil as it could worsen the problem.
  • Hysteria and epilepsy. If you have suffered from these conditions before, you must not use this essential oil. There is a chance that you will suffer from the same problem again.

How to Use Oakmoss Essential Oil

The essential oil may be used using these methods:

  1. Aromatherapy. It can be diffused or smelled directly depending on your choice. It helps you feel relief from stress and other mental health problems.
  2. Topical. You can apply it directly to your skin. Just make sure you only use a few drops each use and not more than 3 times each day.
  3. Perfume. Due to its earthy smell, you can just apply it on the skin and be used as a perfume. You may also mix it with other scents like frankincense, rosemary and sage.

How to Make Oakmoss Essential Oil

The essential oil is extracted from the oak moss through a process called solvent extraction method. It helps squeeze out the oil from the plant. It will then go through a process called vacuum distillation. The reason why it is effective is because it contains atranorine, evernic acide and delta usnic acid. These substances have various positive effects on the body especially in treating conditions. It is usually stored in an amber glass bottle to keep it safe and highly protected.

Oakmoss Essential Oil Recipe

The essential oil can be used as a skin moisturizer. You just have to use a few drops of the essential oil and mix it with the moisturizer that you already used and evenly spread it on your body. You may also use it directly to your skin in order to soothe itching and irritation. If you want to use it for reinvigorating the skin and in fighting signs of aging, you can put 3-4 drops on your bubble bath. Let it stay there for 30 minutes before using.

Where to Buy Oakmoss Essential Oil

As one of the more popular essential oils, it is easy to find oakmoss. You can check out You Living and doTerra online or you may also go to your local shops and check if they offer this type of essential oil.

More Information on Oakmoss Essential Oil

  • If you are feeling weak or you easily get tired, this essential oil could be of help. It has the ability to stabilize your body strength. This is why some people use it when they are trying to lose weight.
  • You may also suffer from hard bowels at times due to the food that you eat or constipation. You can ingest this essential oil for smoother bowel, but be sure to use only one drop and dilute it in a liquid.
  • It is safe for babies, especially for those suffering from sepsis. It is a problem that still causes hundreds of deaths in several countries and it can be easily cued with the help of this essential oil.
  • Not all the health benefits have been approved by the FDA. Therefore, you must also place caution when using this essential oil or stop expecting a lot.