Niaouli Essential Oil

Niaouli is a large tree usually found in Australia and nearby countries. It is an evergreen tree with disinfectant properties. It is mainly used for cosmetics and other beauty products. However, it also has other qualities that provide health benefits. The main components of this essential oil are phellandrene, beta pinene, cineole and gamma terpine.

Niaouli Essential Oil is deemed to be the milder version of the tea tree oil. The latter is also more popular especially since it has skin cleansing properties that are perfect for sensitive skin. It also has properties that can help skin infections and cuts heal faster. Even scars can be effectively removed using this essential oil in a faster way compared with other creams.

Using Niaouli Essential Oil on your face over a longer period is perfect if you are aiming for a healthy glow on your skin. It is also the best way to grow tissues and other cells in the body. Stretch marks and scars that are seemingly permanent may also be removed with this essential oil. Although it is not as popular as other types of essential oil, it has clear benefits that people should know about for them to realize the benefits of using the essential oil.

Niaouli Essential Oil Benefits

You can enjoy these benefits when using Niaouli Essential Oil:

  • Relieves pain naturally
  • Treats common colds
  • Kills parasites found on the intestines
  • Improves the skin and provides a healthy glow
  • Removes scars and stretch marks
  • Stimulates better blood circulation to prevent high blood pressure
  • Helps in improving focus and concentration
  • Relieves people from stress and anxiety

Although native to Australia, niaouli is already used in various parts of the world for its health benefits. Specifically, a lot of products have utilized the essential oil. This includes toothpaste, gargles and other cosmetics. You may add a drop or two of the essential oil to the regular body wash or shampoo that you are already using to improve its smell. Given its wonderful scent, a lot of people use it for aromatherapy. It is widely known for its ability to uplift the spirit and make you feel more relaxed. The essential oil is also referred to as the five-veined paperbark oil. The bark of the tree is known for its undeniable medicinal powers and so its essential oils have been used.

Niaouli Essential Oil Uses

  1. Niaouli Essential Oil as Treatment for Common Colds. Given its ability to block nasal passages, it is perfect in treating common colds.
  2. Niaouli Essential Oil as Detoxifier. It also has the ability to remove unnecessary toxins and elements from the body, promoting better overall health.
  3. Niaouli Essential Oil as Remedy for Cystitis. There are a lot of reasons why some women suffer from cystitis. Sexual intercourse is one of them. This essential oil helps relieve the body from inflammation. It may also provide relief for other forms of inflammation.
  4. Niaouli Essential Oil as Antibacterial. It has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body. It also prevents the spread of infections.
  5. Niaouli Essential Oil as Treatment for Skin Conditions. This is perhaps the most popular use of this essential oil. It has the ability to relieve the body from skin related problems, even serious ones like scars and stretch marks. Once you start using this essential oil, you will start seeing a healthy glow on your skin.
  6. Niaouli Essential Oil as Insect Repellant. Although it is generally nontoxic, it still has properties that can easily repel insects and prevent them from biting you.
  7. Niaouli Essential Oil as Treatment for Wounds. It has properties that can help cure wounds faster. It also prevents microbes from spreading in other unaffected areas.
  8. Niaouli Essential Oil as Remedy for Pimples. If your pimple is bothering you and you have already tried almost any type of medicine out there, this is the best solution. It dries pimples immediately.

Niaouli Essential Oil Side Effects

This essential oil is generally considered safe and nontoxic. However, it is still advised not to take it internally. When used topically, it should be applied only in certain areas on the skin to prevent allergies. Those who are under any medication are also not advised to use this essential oil to avoid complications. The same thing is true for pregnant women.

How to Use Niaouli Essential Oil

You can make use of this essential oil in a variety of ways. It can be diluted in water first and used as an antiseptic wash. This can help heal wounds and other skin irritations. You may also use a diffuser to inhale the essential oil and help remove blockage on nasal passages. It can also be applied topically and prevent infection from spreading in the body and also alleviate stress and anxiety. Although it is nontoxic, it is best not to ingest it. However, it can be used as a mouthwash if diluted with water.

How to Make Niaouli Essential Oil

The essential oil is extracted using the process called steam distillation. The fresh leaves and twigs are used for extracting the essential oil. The oil is sharp, pungent and floral in smell. It is somewhat similar to tea tree oil but it is a bit softer and nicer to smell. Once extracted, it is best to be paired up with other essential oils.

Niaouli Essential Oil Recipe

For skin irritations and cystitis

  1. Mix 2 drops of Niaouli Essential Oil plus a few flakes of a soap of your choice as long as it is scent-free and all-natural.
  2. Add a tablespoon of seat salt.
  3. You may add soya oil.

The mixture should then be rubbed on the stomach as well as the lower back at least three times a day to maximize its results.

Where to Buy Niaouli Essential Oil

It is not quite common to find Niaouli Essential Oil especially in local stores. However, there are online stores offering this essential oil. It includes Aroma Web and Base Formula. You can order it online and have it sent directly to you.

More Information on Niaouli Essential Oil

  • In some European countries, Niaouli Essential Oil is used for disinfecting tools and instruments found in hospitals.
  • There are also some places where this essential oil is used as a mouthwash. This is due to its antibacterial properties. As long as the oil is diluted in another liquid and it is not that strong, it would be perfectly fine.
  • When used for aromatherapy, make sure that you only use a small portion of the essential oil to avoid skin irritations and other problems.
  • You can protect yourself from air-borne infections using this essential oil.
  • There are places in which this essential oil is also referred to as Gomenol. This is due to the fact that it used to be distilled in Gomen, New Caledonia.
  • Some people might not find it easy to smell this essential as it is quite strong and spicy. It has balsamic with a hint of camphor which is quite disgusting for some. The best thing to do is mix it with other better smelling essential oils like lavender and rose.