Mountain Savory Essential Oil

Mountain Savory or Satureja montana is an herb that grows in warm regions of the Mediterranean and southern Europe. In other places, the plant is referred to as white thyme or winter savory. It belongs to the same family as the mint, so it has a very distinct menthol smell. The whole plant is used to extract the Mountain Savory Essential Oil.

Mountain Savory Essential Oil was used by Ancient Romans to treat different kinds of ailments. The oil is usually yellowish to colorless. It is characterized by its sweet with a peppery and sharp aroma. It has anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-infectious properties. It is also used as an immune-stimulant and stimulant.

There has been little effort done to understand the medicinal components of the Mountain Savory Essential Oil. Most of the benefits of the oil are based on the known facts about the plant itself such as its chemical properties and uses. The Mountain Savory plant is used a lot in cooking because of its peppery taste. The flowering parts of the plants are ingested to manage flatulence and gastrointestinal disease. Furthermore, the leaves are crushed to create a poultice for wounds, bee stings and hair loss.

Mountain Savory Essential Oil Benefits

Research shows that the Mountain Savory Essential Oil contains high levels of phenol, which makes an excellent antiseptic. According to some studies, it can be used topically to prevent infections caused by Candida albicans.

Due to the oil’s numerous powerful ingredients, it can provide several health benefits:

  • Improves the circulation of blood
  • Improves immune and nervous system
  • Treats diarrhea and mouth sores
  • Helps in treating colds and flu
  • Treats fungal and respiratory infections.
  • Serves as a topical treatment for insect bites,
  • Relieves joint pains
  • Helps manage scalp problems and hair loss
  • Boosts intimacy among partners

Mountain Savory Essential Oil Uses

Mountain Savory Essential Oil contains carvacrol, phenol, alpha-terpineol, gamma-terpinene, borneol, eucalyptol, P-cymene and Thymol. These different substances are what makes Mountain Savory Essential Oil very good for the health.

  1. Mountain Savory Essential Oil for Improving Immune, Respiratory and Circulatory System. Until today, it is still not fully understood how this oil can help improve the condition of the respiratory, immune, and circulatory system because there are not a lot of studies about it. The conclusions of experts are only based on the different chemical components of the plant and the oil.
  2. Mountain Savory Essential Oil for Treating Insect Bites and Wounds. The oil contains a lot of phenol, a very strong antiseptic that helps kill off bacteria on wounds and remove the toxins from insect bites or stings. If you have wounds or insect bites, simply apply a diluted solution of the Mountain Savory Essential Oil on the affected area.
  3. Mountain Savory Essential Oil for Fungi Infection Treatment. Fungal infections are very common especially in damp areas of the body. If you suffer from this kind of infection, you can apply the diluted oil on the affected area. The oil contains anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients so it is an effective treatment.

Mountain Savory Essential Oil Side Effects

Mountain Savory Essential Oil does not cause any side effect, unless you have skin allergies or you are sensitive to phenols and thymol. Before you try using the diluted oil solution, you should apply it first on a small patch of your skin. Observe if papules develop. Also, you must never use this product if you are pregnant or lactating.

How to Use Mountain Savory Essential Oil

Never use the oil in pure concentration. Always dilute it with vegetable oil. To make a diluted solution, combine one part of the essential oil with four parts of veggie oil. Shake the solution before application. You can either apply the solution on your skin or inhale it via a diffuser.

How to Make Mountain Savory Essential Oil

All the parts of the Mountain Savory plant are used to product the essential oil. Each part is chopped and crushed then placed inside a steam distillation apparatus for hours until the oil is extracted.

Mountain Savory Essential Oil Recipe

You can use the Mountain Savory Essential Oil essentials in making your own oil blend. It combines well with clary sage, lavender, tea tree, rosemary pine and peppermint essential oils.


  1. Select three of the mentioned oils.
  2. Mix one part of each oil in a bowl.
  3. Store in a bottle.
  4. Use 2 to 3 drops of the oil blend for aromatherapy of massage.

Where to Buy Mountain Savory Essential Oil

You can purchase this product anywhere because it is FDA-approved. Some drugstores and shopping centers sell Mountain Savory Essential Oil, but you can always choose to buy a bottle via Amazon, eBay or other online shopping sites. There are different brands that you can find online. Among the recognized brands are Eden’s Garden, doTerra, Young & Living and Time Laboratories.

More Information on Mountain Savory Essential Oil

  • It has an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of 11,300 µTE/100g. Hence it is a useful source of antioxidants.
  • Do not apply the oil on the mucus membrane or your eyes.
  • Ask your physician before using it if you are pregnant or nursing a child.
  • The oil can increase your blood pressure so be mindful of using it if you are hypertensive.
  • Consult with a physician before using it on children.
  • Never use the oil in high concentration. You should always dilute it with oils like cranberry seed oil.
  • Never use it if you have problems with your liver.
  • Avoid using this oil if you have a sensitive skin.

Mountain Savory Essential Oil FAQS

Can I combine the Savory Essential Oil with other essences? Yes. In fact, experts suggest combining it with other essential oils to maximize its benefits.

How safe is the product? The Mountain Savory Essential Oil is FDA-approved, so it is 100 percent safe to use. Just be careful if you have any allergies. You should avoid if you have skin sensitivities. You should not also attempt to use this or any other essential oil if you are lactating or pregnant.