Marjoram Essential Oil

In the wide range of essential oils available for sale on the market, the Marjoram Essential Oil is known to be one of the most versatile, given its many positive and calming properties that can affect an individual’s mental health, wellness, and overall mood.  Marjoram Essential Oil has been used plenty of times throughout history, and was very highly regarded even during the ancient times, also serving as a symbol of joy, happiness and pleasure. All these, added to its amazing fragrance, make the Marjoram Essential Oil as popular as ever.

The Marjoram Essential Oil is derived from the Marjoram plant, which is also known as Knotted Marjoram. You may also call it by its scientific name, the Origanum Marjorana. It is also frequently referred to as the “wintersweet” or the “joy of the mountains”, and for good reason. This essential oil simply seems to spread happiness among the individuals who make good use of it. It is commonly located in the Mediterranean region and was extremely popularized even in the old times, so much so that it has been mentioned during several instances in Greek and Roman mythology.

Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits

It’s reputation as one of the most versatile and multipurpose essential oils certainly don’t falter, not one bit. The benefits listed down below are full proof of that.

  • Aids in digestive functions
  • Helps regulate the monthly cycles of women
  • Helps regulate the hormonal cycles of women
  • Helps control and suppress sexual urges or libido
  • Helps cure illnesses and infections
  • Aids in the destruction of bacteria and germs
  • Helps relieve pain associated with sickness
  • Helps with the release of gas.
  • Assists with the regulation and improvement of brain functions
  • Promotes the perspiration of the body
  • Helps regulate and further encourage the expulsion of urine.
  • Helps clear up the throat and sinuses
  • Has a relaxing and calming effect

Marjoram Essential Oil Uses

  1. Marjoram Essential Oil as a Stress Reliever

    The Marjoram Essential Oil has a scent which is extremely calming and relaxing. The rich, foresty scent of this oil is incredibly popular throughout the world and has been known to reduce an individual’s stress and anxiety greatly after inhalation.

  2. Marjoram Essential Oil as an Antiseptic.

    Other than having an amazing scent and culinary use, this essential oil also has components which are able to kill germs and bacteria. If you happen to have a fungi problem, using the Marjoram Essential Oil on the affected area is a wonderful decision.

  3. Marjoram Essential Oil as a Digestive.

    When consumed, this essential oil is known to help further along the digestive process and help expel unwanted gas from the intestines. If you find yourself constantly constipated and bloated, mixing in some Marjoram into your meals and beverages would be extremely beneficial.

  4. Marjoram Essential Oil as a PMS reliever.

    Marjoram, aside from its numerous mental health benefits, can also be extremely helpful to the female gender. It helps regulate monthly periods and hormonal cycles, as well as eases up pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms.

  5. Marjoram Essential Oil as an Anaphrodisiac.

    If you’re looking to tone down your libido, you might want to keep some Marjoram Essential Oil by your bedside. It works as the opposite of an aphrodisiac, lessening an individual’s sexual drive significantly.

Marjoram Essential Oil Side Effects

In large amounts, the Marjoram Essential Oil has the potential to cause skin ailments and irritation. In order to fix this, it is advisable that one first dilute the pure Marjoram oil with water or other solvents in order to minimize the concentration of the liquid.

Other than skin irritation when used in hefty amounts, the Marjoram Essential Oil is perfectly safe for normal individuals (excluding pregnant women and children, as well as those riddled with allergies)

How to Use Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil can be used in many different ways. If you’ve bought yourself a bottle and are currently wondering how to make use of it, then it is best you read on.

  1. Aromatherapy. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to consume the Marjoram Essential Oil. The warm, woody and herbaceous scent is simply perfect for direct inhalation or being diffused throughout a closed room.
  2. Topical. The oil is applied directly onto your skin. It works heavens on affected and irritated areas, but make sure to dilute the solution first and foremost, because a far too concentrated amount can make your skin even more irritated than it was before.
  3. Internal. It’s no wonder that Marjoram has been used in culinary escapades for decades. The rich aroma and flavor gives a kick to any dish. You can add a dash of Marjoram Essential Oil to your morning tea or coffee, as well as your meals. They go great with Mediterranean dishes, most of all.

How to Make Marjoram Essential Oil

Like with most essential oils which are derived from plants and nature, Marjoram Essential Oil is taken from the Marjoram plant via the process of distillation. More specifically, it is steam distilled from the leaves of the said plant, after which the oil is extracted and shipped out in containers.

Marjoram Essential Oil Recipe

Want to make your very own Marjoram Essential Oil blend? Doing so is simple enough, so long as you know which other essential oils go well with the musky, woody aroma of the Marjoram Essential Oil. Mix in a few drops of the Marjoram oil with water in order to dilute it, before blending it in with another essential oil of your choice. A few drops of either Tea Tree oil or Chamomile will do the blend wonders.

Where to Buy Marjoram Essential Oil

As with other essential oils, Marjoram Essential Oil can also be rather easy to find in all kinds of health shops and online stores. Some recommended places to buy these oils are Josiah Oils and Melaleuca.

More Information on Marjoram Essential Oil

  • Should not be used by pregnant women
  • Should not be used by women who are currently breastfeeding
  • Should not be used by young children
  • It is recommended that one keeps the oil out of their eyes and nose.
  • It is always wise to patch test before using the Marjoram Essential Oil topically on the skin.
  • If you happen to have allergies related to the Marjoram plant or the constituents of the essential oil blend, stop use immediately.