Ledum Essential Oil

If you would be able to nominate a plant used for herbal medicine for a “jack-of-all-trades” title, sure thing, so many names—both known and unknown would make up the list and compete for the award. One of these is the Ledum plant, which has been tagged with so many nicknames such as Labrador tea, Greenland moss, Greenland tea, and many more.

For North Americans, this simple evergreen shrubs that bear sweet white flowers somewhere between the months of May to July, is heaven-sent. For hundreds of years, Ledum never failed in offering a wide range of health benefits including effective cures for many kinds of diseases.

Its versatility as an herbal medicine makes it the winning candidate for the jack-of-all-trades award, or we can fittingly name us the “plant-for-all-cures”. Traditionally, Ledum is used as a natural remedy for headache, insomnia, joint inflammation, muscle soreness, colds, flu, and some digestive disorders.

Tea is a common by-product of the plant’s leaves, which native North Americans are fond of consuming for its proven cleansing and healing benefits. But that is not the only thing you can obtain from its leaves. Ledum Essential Oil, a more potent form, can be extracted from the same plant component. Like the tea, it promotes better health and well-being.

Ledum Essential Oil Benefits

With further undertakings, it has been found out that Ledum Essential Oil has more to offer. Take a look at what it can do for you:

  • Prevents cancer
  • Natural remedy for thyroid disorders
  • Good for the liver and kidneys
  • Aids respiratory illnesses
  • Improves skin health
  • Combats addiction
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Natural aid for hyperactivity such as ADD

As the benefits reveal, Ledum Essential Oil is a natural detoxifier, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-cancer, and even acts as an effective treatment for certain psychological and emotional disorders.

Ledum Essential Oil owes its many healing properties to its vital components including alpha selinene, alpha humulene, beta pinene, beta bisabolene, sabinene, gamma terpinene, and germacrene.

When you try to sniff this essential oil, it might feel like a scent of the forest, for it has a distinct woody and spicy, yet sweet scent, a truly calming and healing aroma.

Ledum Essential Oil Uses

  1. Ledum Essential Oil as Cancer Fighter. Possessing powerful antioxidant properties, Ledum Essential Oil actively works to inhibit harmful free-radical damage in the body. Free-radical damage leads to many medical conditions, including cancer. So, using this essential oil is beneficial for people with high risk of getting cancer or tumor growth in their body. Some reports also show that it has been used as part of post-cancer-medication process to ensure that patients completely undergo healing with less chances of cancer seeking revenge in the future.
  2. Ledum Essential Oil as a Natural Remedy for Thyroid Disorders. It is an effective natural remedy for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. This is because of its ability to balance thyroid function.
  3. Ledum Essential Oil as a Detoxifier for the Liver and Kidneys. For an excellent liver and kidney detoxification process, Ledum Essential Oil is topnotch. It is good for several conditions such as fatty liver, and it’s even used by some doctors as a supplement to the medication of hepatitis patients. It effectively gets rid of toxins, totally cleansing your vital organs, thus enabling them to function at their best.
  4. Ledum Essential Oil as a Relief for Respiratory Ailments. When used as chest rub, the soothing aroma of Ledum Essential Oil gets into your air passageways and eases the symptoms brought about by colds, flu, cough, and other respiratory diseases. Also, it does more. It breaks phlegm and mucus build-up, inducing these to be released from your respiratory system. The result? Clear lungs and air passageways!
  5. Ledum Essential Oil as a Treatment for Skin Disorders. Abundant in antioxidants, this oil can effectively reduce the inflammation in your skin, slow down skin aging, and encourage the development of new and healthy cells. With Ledum Essential Oil, let people guess your age wrongly—younger than it actually is.
  6. Ledum Essential Oil as an Aid for Addiction. Studies show that this essential oil can decrease an individual’s cravings for any addiction—be that food, alcohol, nicotine, and even drugs!
  7. Ledum Essential Oil as Immune Booster. Because of Ledum Essential Oil’s amazing benefit as immune-booster, it is used to prevent the onset of many diseases, including serious conditions such as cancer, chronic liver diseases, and kidney disorders.
  8. Ledum Essential Oil as Metabolism Booster. Its ability to boost metabolism makes Ledum Essential Oil a great aid for people with excess weight. It can effectively help them burn fats quick and easy. Also, like what was mentioned above, it reduces cravings of any sort. Cheat day everyday no more! You’ll be able to follow your diet strictly and surely.
  9. Ledum Essential Oil as Natural Aid for Hyperactivity. Ledum Essential Oil has a great capability of calming the mind, freeing it from stress, anxiety, and over activity. This is why it can do wonders even for people with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD.
  10. Ledum Essential Oil as a Remedy for Headache. By applying some drops of its diluted form on your temples, you will be able to normalize blood flow in your head, easing you from headache. Ledum Essential Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties improves blood flow by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels in your head, making sure that only fresh blood with enough amount of oxygen passes through it.

Ledum Essential Oil Side Effects

  • Sensitive Skin. If you have sensitive skin, using Ledum Essential Oil for topical use might cause rashes, irritation or burning sensation.
  • Stomach Upset. When ingested, Ledum Essential Oil might cause serious digestive disorders such as intense stomachache. Even though Labrador tea is popularly accepted, Ledum Essential Oil is a more potent extract of the plant’s leaves and may cause adverse reactions when ingested.

How to Use Ledum Essential Oil

  1. Add five drops of Ledum Essential Oil, five drops of eucalyptus and five drops of Niaouli to your diffuser. Ledum Essential Oil’s vapor filters the air, getting rid of pathogens, and giving you relaxing and soothing aroma that brings tons of health benefits.
  2. It shouldn’t be applied on the skin undiluted. Mix eight drops of Ledum Essential Oil with two drops of tea tree oil, five drops of lavender oil and five drops of Niaouli oil in a two-ounce squeeze bottle. Then, fill the mixture with jojoba oil and shake well. You can use this for body massage.
  3. Detox Bath. Combine four drops of Ledum Essential Oil, one drop of frankincense carterii, two drops of geranium, one tablespoon of jojoba oil and ½ cup of Epsom salts. Add this mixture to a warm bath, and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

How to Make Ledum Essential Oil

Like most essential oils, Ledum Essential Oil can be extracted through steam distillation. The method is fast, but the best brands ensure that the most potent, purest, and therapeutic grade Ledum Essential Oil is the only product that’s manufactured.

Ledum Essential Oil Recipe

You can try a DIY method popularly used in making essential oils to produce your own Ledum Essential Oil at home.

You’ll need a crockpot with a lid, distilled water, and enough fresh Ledum leaves to fill the crockpot.

  1. Put the Ledum leaves in the crockpot and fill with water. Make sure the water doesn’t fill ¾ of the pot’s volume. Put the lid upside down.
  2. Heat the water in high temperature. Once hot, turn the crockpot down to low temperature. Simmer for three to four hours.
  3. Check if the Ledum leaves are cooked already. Once done, let it cool. Put the inside of the crockpot into the fridge. You may leave it there overnight.
  4. On the next day, pull the crockpot out of the fridge. If you already noticed a thin oil forming on top, carefully remove it, slowly separating it from the water.
  5. Transfer the Ledum Essential Oil into a bottle. You can heat it again to turn excess water into a vapor.

Where to Buy Ledum Essential Oil

One of the best-selling Ledum Essential Oil brand is Young Living. You can purchase one online. What make it an ideal brand are its guaranteed pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. When choosing, this is an important point to consider. Even if you’re searching for other brands in your local drugstore, you should look for a kind that falls on these criteria.

More Information on Ledum Essential Oil

  • Do not ingest Ledum Essential Oil. It is best to use it for aromatherapy, detox bath or topical use only.
  • Seek doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or lactating mother before using this essential oil.
  • Do not use this oil for very young children, toddlers, and babies.
  • Ledum Essential Oil mixes well with cedar wood, and other essential oils with similar aroma.
  • Average shelf life of this essential oil is up to two years.