14 Health Benefits Of Infrared Sauna (Backed By Science)


Detoxification refers to the practice or process of eliminating toxins within the body. It can involve following specific diets, supplementation, reducing toxin exposure from the environment, fasting, increasing fluid intake, or using saunas. Toxins are substances that can negatively impact our health. While the body can already eliminate them using its digestive system and skin, many claim the act of detoxing aids in the process.

While detoxes may not be medically required for everyone, they can offer some benefits under the right circumstances, such as weight loss, a healthy diet, hydration, and boosting antioxidants in the body. Usually, these benefits only last for as long as they’re done, and further research is required to determine whether or not detox can be effective for weight management. Moreover, some practices may pose some risks. For example, food intake restriction may lead to nutrient deficiency, or specific detox products may cause kidney problems.

However, there are more natural and safer ways to detox. Some ideas that support the body’s detoxification system are quitting drinking or smoking, adopting nutrient-dense diets, and getting adequate sleep. However, always consult a doctor before making any significant changes to your lifestyle.